A lot of people know her by her beautiful locks, but there’s way more to this genuine soul who was inspired to make a day called “FroDay”, a day where women can feel beautiful in their natural form. The creator of “FroDay” from London, United Kingdom, FroGirlGinny is a naturalista, fashion icon, and is making a huge impact for women empowerment.


Hi, I’m FroGirlGinny! I am a natural hair enthusiast. I’d best describe myself love and light. Being that I was once afraid to love something which has been able to share light with people from all over the world. I meet the sun in London where I envision myself creating a community where women come together and celebrate their differences. This sparked after 8 years of applying a white ointment to my mane for it to be tamed into what society deemed as beautiful. After cutting off the relaxed hair, I began to have a relaxed mind. Learning to love what I was blessed with led me to love the flaws which I had always been afraid to embrace. 

I was inspired by this to create Froday, a day dedicated to those who are free with the ‘fro. The journey still continues and whilst I try to build a movement as well as tick off many of my dreams along the way, I want to capture these moments and share with the world. Many of which tell a story about the girl with the ‘fro and the life surrounding it. 

A part of me feels that although I have learnt to embrace my big hair,
It is now something people only recognise me for.
I love my hair, it represents who I am. 
But it isn’t who I am.
I’ve experienced a situation where a woman walked up to my hair and spoke to it,
​ she said “I’ve waited so long to meet you” as she dived into the curls with her bare hands.

I learnt that the most important opinion is the one you have of yourself.
So although some people define me by my big curls,
I know I am more.
I am making it a mission to not rely on my hair anymore,
and try new styles which show the flaws I have been hiding.



Ginny’s 2016 goal is “to embrace all I am with love and light.”


Instagram; @frogirlginny
Twitter; @frogirlginny

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