Chase Sidora

Today the bestselling author Chase Sidora hit #1 in the category Urban Fiction on Amazon for her bestselling novel, “Never Thought I’d Love a Dope Boy”, alongside with bestselling author Sol. Through her works with Chrissy J Presents, Chase Sidora is inspiring and motivating women to push harder and grind no matter how impossible it seems.




“Writing has been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember because it was something that I grew up watching my mother do. She used to write poetry and she would literally scribble it wherever she could; notebooks she would tag walls with it, she would write in wet cement…if something came to her mind she wrote it down to share with the world. So at eleven when stories started coming to my mind it wasn’t strange or awkward to me and I just started writing them down. For me, writing comes as naturally as breathing and I am absolutely convinced that this is what I was born to do in both the spiritual sense that this is a God-given gift and the physical sense that genitally I am the daughter of a writer. My mother passed away when I was sixteen years old but by then, after years of watching her, the spark inside of me had been lit. Writing is what keeps me connected to her. It is our eternal tether.  Though I mainly write fiction I find it to be very therapeutic and it is the most effective way for me to get my point across. I’m shy by nature, so some things I may not express verbally are released through my work. Even though it may not always be my truth that sparks a story line, I try to find the delicate balance between entertaining and teaching and if anyone can take away just one nugget of wisdom from my work then I know that I have done what I’m supposed to do. For me that’s what it is all about, sharing knowledge and sparking conversation.” – Chase Sidora    


You can find Chase’s books on Amazon.



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