THE COME-UP: The Artist Still Known as TySolo

Art heals me and helps me navigate my mental space, express my feelings and dig deeper into life’s mystery. My art style consists of varying degrees of expression with portraiture, anatomy, and significant abstract styles.-TySolo

Tyrus Solomon, Artist

Tyrus Solomon aka TySolo has been creating since he came out the womb with his influences stemming from different directions. When TySolo was featured on last year, we chatted about his journey as an artist, staying motivated, and the ups and downs of being a creative. Even though a lot has happened for him in 2020 as an artist, he still vents about how this year affected his business negatively, but also in a positive light. Tyrus and I also discussed practicing self-care, latest projects, and building a brand and business plan.

A lot has happened since your last feature! Catch us up on your latest work and projects! How did 2020 affect your business negatively, but also positively? 

Tyrus: “Yes a lot has happened. But things have been surprisingly cohesive. I’ve relocated to Memphis, TN. South Main Arts District just off of instinct. My latest projects have been centered around India and China Ink. Lots of stencil work and abstract styles. I’m getting back to oils real soon too. 2020 affected my business in a double positive to be honest. I just had to reframe how I saw things. The worst of the worst was I couldn’t engage with people in person as much as I’m used to. Almost everything went virtual and so did I. I was invited to do online lectures for GEO Prep Academy Next Generation High Baton Rouge and Aveda Institutes, New Orleans and Hammond.”

What was the biggest lesson for you this year so far in life and business?

Tyrus: “My biggest lesson this year has been Trust. To trust myself and my direction and most of all trust the signs because we’re always being led. I definitely had to learn to “look” this year and I’ve been greatly rewarded as a result.”

What inspired and motivated your latest work in the past year?

Tyrus: “This is a difficult one because everyday seems a little overwhelming. I want to absorb everything that inspires me. My latest work has been significant abstract styles. Ironic because abstract is completely up to you. The choices I’ve been making lately have been completely up to me and I’ve been painting the picture. Adding and removing. Reshaping and rendering. You name it. The motivators have been full circle. “

What’s your best advice for a creative starting a brand or business plan? What would you have done differently if you could start over?

Tyrus: “My best advice would be to just stick to what you do. It’s so easy to appeal to a certain market. I get that. But I also get a rise out of being original so I’m pretty stubborn on marketing Me lol. Do you. That’s my best advice. Had I done anything differently? Eh. I can’t say because I’m still less evolved than I can be. I’m sure I have more mistakes to make.”

How do you practice self-care? How does it help your art and business and its results?

Tyrus: “I like water. I like being next to water. Bathing in water. Showers and music. Oh and making sure my skin is hydrated. I racked up on coconut oil a few weeks ago so I’m good. As a result I’m less stiff… idk… people can tell when you take care of yourself lol. I like to present the best quality TySolo when interacting with potential art buyers and collectors in general. It helps to self-care.” 

Name three interesting fun facts about yourself.

  1. I like to be alone but I’m also great company. 
  2. I have a slight obsession with overalls and I dare another mofo to wear them lol jk. 
  3. I love plants. I talk to them. 

How would you define success and why?

Tyrus: “Success for me is a feeling that can’t be defined. I say this because to who’s standard was success set? We still don’t know. Success is what you make it. And that’s an inner thang.”

What’s one project that you failed at first, but it taught you a lesson for your business?

Tyrus: “I failed at launching Prima Materia the right way. It’s a serious fleet of ancestral, cultural, regal faces. Initially 6. I didn’t think it out because I was too excited. I’ve been building on this series however and I have bigger plans. Failing taught me to follow my first mind. My first plan was bigger than my second one.”

What are your goals for 2021?

Tyrus: “I need that studio and gallery space open to the public. Period.”

Affirmations you live by?

“It ain’t my fault, shutup” 

“They gone talk about you anyway”

“God is love, Rev Run” for upcoming events and appearances

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