Period Power: How I Beat My Menstrual Blues

Hey my loves,

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only woman who dreads Mother Nature every month like its a plague that you have to catch over and over again. As for me, I’ve never been a fan of the whole way Eve betrayed us when she ate that apple leaving us with cramps and labor pains we face as a woman of beauty. More like a woman in pain if you ask me.

Even as a teenager, I always suffered from severe menstrual cramps. The excruciating pain never failed every month as I crawled into a fetal position in my bed, holding back the tears of frustration. There were many moments I would scream in pain doing a simple task like going to the bathroom. 

The mood swings are another story! The menstrual cramps are one thing, but the random food cravings, mixed emotions, and random crying are overrated. I always say being an adult and being a woman are two things that are very overrated. Mother Nature has me wanting a fight match with Eve as soon as I bump into her in heaven LOL! We have to have a serious talk because I really want to know what sis was thinking when she ate that apple!

Ironically, Mother Nature is also a monthly reminder that a woman’s body is truly amazing no matter the uncomfortable changes and sacrifices we make to keep it as our treasure. We have the ability to create life and bring it into this world. Mother Nature always shows me the graces of life. As a woman in her early thirties, I’ve reached the adulting stage, the part where staying home and doing nothing is sometimes way more fun than the idea of going out. Adulting is a daily reminder that pain is uncomfortable, but sometimes necessary. There are others who have to endure pain everyday who don’t have a choice or an alternative for the pain. To deal with Mother Nature, I find better methods that reduces cramps for relief like changing my diet, exercising 2-3 times weekly, staying hydrated, and following up with my doctor on natural remedies. Mother Nature definitely humbles me in the best way. Even on the days where I feel crappy and a simple sneeze is a risk, I still try and find the optimistic side…like how dope it is to be a woman even with all the complications, beauty, and pain that comes with it. 

Grace is one of the most beautiful gifts about Earth. It changes your perspective and opens your eyes to things you weren’t seeing at first. It is a reminder that life may bring pain, but it will also bring a solution if you change your perspective on the outcome. The next time Mother Nature comes knocking on my door, I will put my big girl pants on and stick it out. I will handle the ‘red days’ with grace on my side reminding me that I’m still a badass.

In the meantime, things that relieves my cramps are my heating pad, broccoli (thank God for Green!), and lots of hibiscus tea! I can also never also go wrong with bananas, salmon, and yogurt during my “red” days. For women who experience bad cramps, I truly recommend all the above (and a good ole Aleve does the trick too if you take it before the cramps start)! 

Until next time,


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