How She Fearlessly Believed She Could, So She Did

Strive for progress, not perfection..

I woke up in one mood this morning: greatness. Am I perfect? Not as all. The irony is I don’t want to be.
If you’re a woman and reading this, I want you to eliminate the word “mediocre” out of your vocab.
I don’t even want you to have the attitude or mindset of that word. Even if you’re still discovering yourself and don’t know your purpose yet, that doesn’t mean you have to live day by day letting life pass you by. One thing I learned over the years is to be unapologetic about who you truly are. People will either love you or they won’t.
I have been called crazy, lost, stubborn, selfish, emotional, sensitive, beautiful, ambitious, magical, numb, heartless, and probably a “proud bitch” behind my back.
The truth of the matter is people would be lying if they ever called me “mediocre” or average. I am far from basic, but I do love the simple things in life. As a simple woman, I love simplicity in my life. I love waking up in peace and doing peaceful things like walking to the park and just admiring the scenery. I am the woman who knows she doesn’t have it all together, but is strong enough to show  the world that side of me. I’m also the woman who knows I am worth the finer things in life. I work hard to play harder. Through the midst of everything, I pray harder more than anything. That’s why I’ll never be mediocre. I worked hard to create a balance within myself- a part of me knowing who I am now- and the woman who I am now growing into who I need to be.  This is not an overnight job. And its a job that will never be done. There will always be room for progress no matter how great of women we become. Another thing you have to do is not be afraid to put a stop to distractions in order for you to focus. Sometimes, distractions come in the form of people. 
Today I woke up and realized I have been sleeping on myself HARD. I am used to people sleeping on me, but its a different feeling when I’m sleeping on myself. I got my ass up quick, thanked God for the pep talk, and got to work immediately. I have so many opportunities sitting in my lap and here I was acting like it didn’t matter, like they would be here forever. God checked my heart quick, and here I sit writing this blog – because I know a woman out there needs this message this morning. Someone is broken because they feel stagnant in their life. It’s so frustrating when you know God didn’t create you to be average, but everything around you makes you feel so mediocre when it seems like everything you’re doing is not enough. The first thing you have to do is move. You can’t expect to prosper or see results if you are too scared to leave your comfort zone. The woman you’re destined to come could be around the corner, but you’ll never know if you don’t believe in yourself.
No one will ever know all the parts of yourself and why you are the way you are. They don’t know why you’re so passionate or nonchalant about the things happening in your life. Therefore, nobody has the right to tell you what kind of woman you should be. No one can define you because they don’t know your story or the missing pieces you’re looking for to complete yourself. It’s a cold world out here, babygirl. Do not let people’s opinions and perceptions stop you from forming you into the woman you’re supposed to be. This rule goes for family, friends, men you love(d), and especially people who made you feel “mediocre”-the ones who made you question your worth because they didn’t know how to handle or love you. It hurts like hell, trust me I know, but what’s hurts more is lessening your worth to satisfy someone who is not even worth it. A person who knows themselves will never ask you to be mediocre for them. They just won’t. If your happiness is based on the approval of others, I need you to do some serious re-evaluating sis. You can not listen to people who didn’t WORK for an OPINION. I REPEAT: if a person doesn’t add substance to your life or isn’t pushing you to be a better woman…what opinion?! Get out my face.
Yes, pray more and give it to God, Yes, cut off the toxic people who are holding you back. Yes, drink that wine. No, don’t text that f**kboy back. Yes, pour coconut oil on your life. Yes, give money to that charity. Yes, cry when you feel like it if it makes you feel better. Go get that degree. Go after that dream job. Go start that business. Add that stamp to your passport and travel. Make memories with your friends. Take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Love your family and stick close even when you have disagreements. Enjoy your life and find someone to love new ways over and over. Most importantly, stop relying on people’s opinions to define you. Despite the setbacks and mixed feelings you endure, you can be anything you want to be…
But never…ever…be mediocre.
Until next time,

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