Bestselling Authors Chase Sidora & C. Monet Snow Spills Quick Inspiration for Writers

Author Chase Sidora 

34 titles

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Hello plotters and pantsers, outliners and free handers, new authors, old authors, and readers alike…HEY YALL HEYYYY!!! I’m Chase Sidora, the literary juggernaut. With over 24 years of educational and practical experience in the craft of writing, I am 34 years old with 34 titles released to date.

Along with being a international bestselling author (with readers in such countries as Canada, India, Australia, and The United Kingdom), I also offer author services in the form of ghostwriting, editing, ebook to paperback conversion, and more. I also assist brands with website content to ensure they are delivering the strongest message they can to their business’ buyers.

“As someone who has written for over the majority of my life, it is the air I breathe and one of the life goals that keep my engine going. Writing is a job no one has to hire you for. You can just do it, but it also requires a discipline and knack for storytelling that is truly magical! I get inspired seeing new and more seasoned authors alike finding their voices and delivering stories that their readership loves and helps their tribe grow. It makes me explode with excitement even more when I’m able to apart of that process with them.

Website: (launching 2020)

Instagram/Facebook /Twitter /YouTube: chasesidora

C. Monet Snow

Over 20 titles

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I am Author C. Monet of Clarksville,Tennessee. I write transparent creative romance with a splash of urban. My stories feature smart, witty, boss women and swoon-worthy, loving, flawed men all looking for one thing…LOVE. Yes, you guessed it, I write about love! My novels usually center around instant love, opposites attracting, and redemptive love. However, I’ve been known to come up with love that can’t be placed in a box. All in all, love is the motive no matter how it’s reached. My books will leave you full; full of love, gems, and pieces of me.

Once life started to happen me, I grabbed the pen and decided to unmute my truth. I pen love unfiltered and undefined because rules can’t exist with creativity. The poetry in my words takes you to a place filled with dreams and aspirations of love and how it heals the soul. I have over 20 published books and only planning to go up from here. I started my writing journey in 2017. I was approaching age 30 and it dawned on me that I wasn’t doing anything that I truly loved. My job was dead-end and honestly, I’ve only ever worked to survive and provide.  So I wanted something different. I wanted something that I could be proud of and say that was mine. The author Nako has an awesome group that I had been apart of for some time and she’s super inspirational. She opened up her blog The Passport to other bloggers or anyone that wanted to share. So I started blogging and I loved it. Shortly after I started blogging, Nako and a few other people told me I had a book to write and a story to tell. I blew it off, but still prayed about it until I was jolted from my sleep with the idea and characters from my first novel Did you think I’d Crumble. That story came from finally feeling the need to share my truth and it’s been a love thang ever since.

“I tell people all the time that this writing thing chose me. It’s true I never saw this for myself. I never imagined I would be one of the 200 million Americans that want to complete the process. 81% of Americans wish to write a book and only 3.9% actually do. I remind myself of that all the time. Don’t ask me why, but I do. For me, writing is a process and therapeutic for me and many others. But it hasn’t always been easy to get up and do it every day with a smile. Simply because sometimes the risk will bite you and expose things about you that you didn’t even know about yourself. You give yourself to the world and sometimes the world isn’t so open to your message. That leads me to my advice for anyone that wants to do this writing ish……
Understand and repeat after me: you are not for everyone and that’s okay. I had to learn that. Although I wanted all the readers, all the readers didn’t want me. Whew right! But it’s true and I had to learn quickly what a target audience was and how it will serve me while I serve them. Before you even begin to start writing, figure out your why and your who. Good Luck!”


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