How this Bold Babe Developed a Community Dedicated to Women in Career and Business

Shampaigne Graves is an Influencer, Business Coach, Social Entrepreneur and the Founder of Bold Babes, a lifestyle, brand, and r community dedicated to women in career and business. I had the pleasure to catch up with Shampaigne as we discussed the art of blogging, personal branding, living with wellness, and how she builds herself back up in adversity.


Shampaigne Graves, Blogger and Founder of Bold Babes

What do you love most about being a blogger?

SG: “I have always been a writer and being a blogger was a natural creative outlet for me. I started my blog as a mental health journal to record the grief I was experiencing in my life and it blossomed into a platform that allowed me to launch my community and collaboration platform. Being a blogger has opened many doors that would otherwise be closed had I not decided to take the leap into blogging and influencer work.”

 What is the key to creating killer content?

SG: “Be original! It may seem like the industry is oversaturated however the best blogs are the ones where the author’s personalities shine through. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, especially in your copy write. The way you speak to your audience sticks more than the “practical” knowledge you give to them.”

What are 2 important factors in personal branding?

SG: “The two most important factors in personal branding are color palates and signature copywrite. This means that all of the content you produce will be consistent and that when you write for other platforms, your tribe will always be able to recognize your voice. Some ways to do this is to always make sure that your graphics match your color palate and that you collect a vault of signature buzzwords and phrases that you always use when you’re writing for your blog.”

 Has a mistake ever led you to success?

SG: “Yes! There was a period of time when I tried to emulate more popular blogs in my niche and it completely backfired. My content was boring and unoriginal and I actually asked for an outside opinion and was told that my work was “sophomoric.”

It was after that experience that I decided to relaunch my blog and get back to the original mission of my work which was to record my mental health journey.”

What is your personal or professional motto?

SG: “No one wins when you play small.”

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

One of my favorite healthy snacks is my special Greek yogurt bowls:

½ cup plain greek yogurt

1 tbsp almond butter

⅛ cup of pomegranate seeds

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone starting a personal brand?

SG: “What is your mission and how can your color palate, copywrite and graphics reflect that.”

Name 3 fun facts about you.

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I’m a very sensitive soul.

I love musicals.

Who are some women that you look up to?

SG: “I am obsessed with Rihanna. I love that she allows herself to pursue all of her passions and it’s so inspiring to me as a multi-passionate entrepreneur as well. Seeing her execute so many visions with excellence is really an example to all women that although they have so many big dreams in their life, it doesn’t mean they lack focus.”

 In your moments of adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

SG: “I focus on my higher purpose. I know that I am here to serve other women and that my success story will include uplifting them along the way. When I feel that I’m not aligned with my purpose I just remember that if I quit today then there won’t be a platform available to launch young women in career and business tomorrow.”


About Shampaigne Graves



Bold Babes is a lifestyle brand, community, and platform dedicated to the advancement of young women in career and business. Shampaigne has worked with various multi-million dollar brands, helped to develop fortune 500 executives and has been featured in the press for her work with Bold Babes and as a professional coach. Bold Babes was built by ambitious young women for ambitious young women and anyone who identifies with our mission is welcomed into our fold. Please visit us online at to get involved with our community for free.

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