The Pursuit of Happiness: How Fearless Kea Inspires Others Through Podcasting

Nakea Tyson is the host of The FearlessKea Podcast, a podcast that explores the complexities of fear and the pursuit of happiness. I caught up with Fearless Kea as we discussed the art of podcasting, the pro and cons of running a creative business, and her goals for 2019.

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Nakea Tyson, Founder of Fearless Kea Podcast

 How did #FearlessKeaPod get started?


NT: “The FearlessKea Podcast started after I had major surgery on my uterus in March 2017. I was battling with the fear of never being able to have kids and at the possibility that dating without being able to provide a male partner a child would be difficult; ultimately fearing the thought that I may never experience true love and be alone. From there, I thought we all have untold stories that we really share with the rest of the world. In order to overcome our fears, we must speak them out loud and navigate this journey together. So, I decided in November 2017 to release my story via my podcast and invite my closest friends to join me on this journey.”


What is a typical day for you like?


NT: “Currently, I don’t know if any day is typical in my life. I will say I start my day with a daily devotional and setting my intentions for the day. From there, I mentally prepare for my  9 to 5. During my lunch breaks, I work on any The FearlessKea Podcast work that may need my attention from podcast guest emails, advertiser opportunities on my podcast, to strategically thinking about a digital marketing plan to revamp the podcast brand. After work, I go home to do more The FearlessKea Podcast work. If I have a late night at the office, I decompress by lighting a candle and catching up on one of my favorite shows because of my self-care matters.”


What are some of the best tips you have for a person who wants to start a podcast?


NT: “The best tips I have for a person who wants to start a podcast. First thing, do you like to talk and are you an expert on the subject you plan to discuss on your show? Is that your best form of communication? Everyone has a podcast but that may not be the right medium for you if you don’t like to talk or are an expert on the subject matter you are planning to discuss with your audience. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, but you should plan to be an expert in that subject as you develop audio scripts for your show so that you can educate, inspire or drive a consistent audience. Second, I would say is research what type of equipment you may need or whether you will be paying for studio time. Do what you think best meets your financial means. I would podcast wherever the environment is quiet and you feel your most authentic self to be yourself for you and your guest.  Third, be consistent and develop an audio script that will retain your audience throughout the duration of your show. So that means releasing content on time and on schedule. Your listener wants to know when to expect your content and where they can listen to your content. So make sure your content is everywhere for your audience to listen. That also means developing content that is insightful, on trend and educates or inspires the listener. Lastly, have fun with it. People are listening to you because of your voice, personality, and thoughts.”


 Which of your traits are you most proud of?

NT: “I am most proud of my ability to be resilient, vulnerable, and stay driven.  These traits are what have brought me through some of life’s trials and tribulations.”


Which podcasts are you subscribed to?


NT: ‘I am subscribed to MyTaughtYou by Myleik Teele, BlackGirlPod, Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts, The LinkUp Podcast, The Clubhouse Pod, Let Gets Skin Deep Podcast, and Yoni Chronicles.”


Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to running a business.


Strengths: Project Management, Client Service, Communication, Cross-Functional Collaboration

Weaknesses: Building a Team – it truly takes a village and I’m only a two-person team right now


What can we expect from you in 2019?


NT: “You can expect Season 4 to release in March 2019. You can expect a live podcast and website revamp.  You can expect elevation and expansion.”


Which quotation or phrases motivate you when you feel like giving up?


Can’t let the devil get the last laugh.

“You are your best thing“. – Toni Morrison

Which characteristics do you admire in other creative women?


NT: “The characteristics that I admire in other creative women is their poise, hustle, social impact, resourcefulness, consistency, authenticity, drive, and humility.”


What is self-love and self-care to you?


NT: “Self-love is consistently showing up for yourself. Being kind to yourself. Loving all pieces of you – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Showering yourself with the love that you expect from others.

Self-care is taking time to nurture yourself. Whether that be healing, growing, refueling, reflecting, or remaining still. Self-care if taking care of yourself inside and out. Knowing that you are human and need time to reset and refocus on what is required to be the best version of yourself.”


About Nakea Tyson



Nakea Tyson is the host of The FearlessKea Podcast, a podcast that explores the complexities of fear and the pursuit of happiness.

According to Dr. Christopher Bader, “people often fear what they cannot control.” Every Friday, a special guest joins host, @FearlessKea, to delve deep into parts of their personal journey that has led them to live a life free from fear. Through the stories shared on this podcast, they hope to inspire others to be bold, fearless, and authentic in their pursuit of happiness.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Nakea Tyson is a woman who is on a  journey to become the best version of herself. Through this journey, she hopes to inspire others to steer away from complacency and discover their purpose. Marketer by day, podcaster by night,  she utilizes her platform to have honest conversations about one’s fears, personal growth, and professional development. When she’s not sitting down with the city’s cultural change makers, you can find her exploring the latest neighborhood restaurant, traveling the country with loved ones, or nurturing her natural tresses through Instagram Story tutorials.

Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be You.


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