Bestselling Author Quintessa Turner Ignites Her Passion Through Writing

In 2014, Quintessa went through a life-changing, devastated ordeal in her home that led her to sit down at her computer and write about It, which she found therapeutic and once again ignited her passion of writing. She then took the necessary steps to gather resources to follow through on getting her book published which resulted in releasing her first book titled “The Devil was Once an Angel”. Quintessa and I discussed more about her writing journey, the classic mistakes new authors make, and being a successful boss.

Quintessa Turner, Bestselling Author & Coach


 What inspired you to start writing?

QT : “I used to write as a little girl. My friend and I started writing poetry in the 5th grade. We said one day we would publish our poems. Well, that never happens lol. I went through a rough patch in my marriage dealing with infidelity. It took me to a low place in life and all I had to vent to was a pen and paper and that When my first book was birthed “The Devil was once an Angel”.

Name 3 classical mistakes new authors make and what they should learn from it.  

  •     Rushing the process just to say you are a published author. Writing a great quality book takes time. You will have late nights or odd times when you can write. Take your time and re-read over your work.
  •     Not having an experienced editor, When I first started out I trusted a lady who said she was a one-stop shop. She did, my editing, formatting and book cover. She over promised and under delivered, it was the worse experience ever. Please research these people and ask to see their previous work before you let them touch your manuscript.
  •    Make sure that you stay consistent when it comes to releasing books. Not being consistent is a way to lose your readers. Remember you are the author of your own story! And you have to market!!! Your story will not be heard of you don’t market!!

 What does it take to be a woman boss?

QT: “It takes a lot of prayer, determination and Self Love.”

 If you were given 3 extra hours in a day, what would you do with them?

QT : “I would complete everything that I have written on my Goal list for that day so that it doesn’t roll over into the next day which sometimes puts me behind. More time to get things done!”

Has failures or mistakes led you to success?

QT : “Failures and Mistakes led me to success because without the mistakes I may not have ever written a successful book. To this day when I tell my story, I get women thanking me for sharing my story and them telling me that they now have the courage to talk to their husband. Or they say dang I’m going through that now, you just helped me. The success comes when you can help others make it through!”

What is the best piece of advice you have for aspiring authors and coaches?

QT : “My best advice would be to give it your all, take your time and be your biggest supporter, don’t think about the money because it will come, think about having quality material for people to read. Once you lock readers in they will follow you forever.
My advice for business coaches is to make sure you don’t over promise and under deliver to your clients. They came to you for help not to be lied to. But also let your clients know that the strategies you all come up with won’t work unless they do!”

Tell us more about Girl Boss Inc. and what inspired the start-up.

QT : “Go girl Boss Inc., is a Women’s Empowerment Business that I started in 2018 with two of my Boss Friends. We wanted to help make a change in the lives of women and girls. AT Go Girl Boss Inc., we Pray with women and girls through their problems, uplift women, inspire them to start businesses, network and have fun doing different events.”

What is your personal motto?

QT: “A million people may be doing the same thing, but it will always be done differently. The world is waiting on you.”

Name the biggest accomplishments you’re proud of in your career as an author and coach.

QT: “My biggest accomplishments as a Coach is knowing my clients are excelling and meeting their goals based on my advice and different ideas that I have giving them to help their business grow.”

What is your biggest goal in 2019?

QT: “My biggest goal this year is to build a platform talking to women and young girls about infidelity and the importance of women not tearing each other down. As a victim of infidelity, I think that it’s important to speak out, many women won’t touch the subject, but I will. I wanna be the voice that helps the young girl who’s crying over her boyfriend or going down the wrong path, the voice of the wife who is depressed, who feels like it was all her fault, who cries herself to sleep. I want to help because I once was that young girl and at many times I’m still the wife who is struggling to deal with everything.  This is the year of “THE WOMEN”.

About Quintessa Turner



Mrs. Quintessa Turner was born and raised by a single mother and 2 brothers. She found early in life that her love for poetry to be God-given gift while sitting in Language Art class she and another student would write poems until their notebook pages were filled with words that just seem to flow easily from her heart. She desired to write poems and have them published but didn’t know the next steps. Even though her passion for writing and having them published would be a dream come true, obstacles kept it from happening and her soon dream faded, but the writing was forever in her heart.
As time went by, she came to love urban fiction from authors like Nikki Turner, Sista Soulja, and Carl Weber to name a few. While reading their books, she felt like one of the characters. This re-awakened her dream of becoming an author again, but was faced where to start and laid it down.
To find out more about this established author who is a wife, mother of 3, Phenomenal businesswoman and coach, you can contact her at



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