The CurlyKid Always Keeps It Creative

Brittny Miller is a visual content creator who loves all things editing and videography. Ever since high school, Brittny has had that entrepreneurial spirit, so dabbling in multiple spaces isn’t something new! She graduated from Mississippi State University, with a bachelors degree in Broadcasting in 2017. After graduating, Brittny has been focused on making her dreams a reality and creating different projects that she created to showcase to the world! I caught up with Brittny and we chatted about her creative business and her major influences. 


Brittny Miller, Media Influencer bka “TheCurlyKid”

What do you love most about being a creative and what keeps you going? 

BM: “What I love most is the freedom. In the eyes of a creative, there is no right or wrong as to how to go about your art in terms of style and direction,; you just do! There are times were I have “doubtful” moments and I literally just think about what I want to achieve with my talents. I have to remind myself that my work will matter!”


What’s the best piece of advice you were given while starting and running your creative business? 


BM: “Hmm I would have to say most of the advice I’ve been “given” has been received from podcasts or from speakers! But what I learned was to not stop when things seem to not be going right because when you do, you can be so close to that “yes” moment! Not to sound cliché, but not giving up! It’s okay to take a break but you have to get yourself back in the mindset and get back up and keep pushing!”


  About how long does it edit and finalize your hair videos on your YouTube channel, The CurlyKid?

BM: “I actually laughed hearing this question because I have been bad when it comes to my own personal turnaround time! So normally when I record, I sort of know how I want it to be edited so that helps in post! But lately it’ll take me like 2 weeks but normally it could take me 4 solid days.”


 What inspired you to start The Curly Kid?

BM: “Well the name “curly kid” came from my high school days and it didn’t become a staple in my brand until college. I sort of stuck with that name and just built around that. So it was just something that felt right and I just stuck with it!”

What does success mean to you?

 “Success to me means being happy with whatever you are doing or creating and knowing that you’re creating spaces and encouraging others to see the greatness in themselves. Honestly! I feel so much happiness when I know that in some way I’ve helped someone feel better about themselves or to just inspire someone to do the things they want to accomplish; just how other creators impact my life. I honestly feel like as we grow the answer definitely changes, because 16 year old me would’ve said something completely different from today! I have realized that what I deem to be successful changes ever so often.



 How do you define your personal style? 

BM: “Right now my personal style has been comfy-chic, ha. But I would have to say personal style includes color and prints. I really love mens clothing and I love to thrift!”

Name some creative (s) whom you look up to and admire.

BM: “I’m going to try to keep this one as short as possible because I will go on and on, ha! But creative wise, Maya Washington (Shamelss Maya), Issa Rae, Brittney Janae (Brittney.Janae), Ava DuVernay, The creator of SippTalk, Jas (iamdatjas), and Evelyn (evelynfromtheinternets)! These are some awesome women, just to name a few!”


Has a mistake ever led you to success?

BM: “Not a mistake but what I like to say a lot, “shooting your shot”. I’ve been in some people’s emails and DMs about content and collaborating and job opportunities and it’s been a hit or miss. But it’s definitely worth a shot! You never know where it could lead you.”


  What characteristic do you most admire in other creative women?

BM: “The different perspectives and how they view the world! Seeing how they create things that I wouldn’t think about doing or how they make things work and it works out! It just shows me that there is enough room for all of us because we all bring something different and unique to the table.

About Brittny Miller


Instagram: @thecurlykid

YouTube: @TheCurlyKid

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