The Come-Up: Producer Zeplyn Tillman Talks Media & The Essential Reason Why He Became a Creator

Zeplyn Tillman is a 27-year-old entertainment producer, entrepreneur, and media host, with an English degree from Georgetown University. I had the pleasure to chat with Zeplyn about why he became a creator and a typical day running a media platform.

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Zeplyn Tillman, Media Host

What inspired you become a creator?

 ZT: “I was inspired to become a creator when I wasn’t seeing enough content that I felt was representative of what our generation embodied. We are so nuanced, and the furthest from monolithic, however on a macro scale – they like to represent young black millennial and gen. Z’s in one light – and that was problematic for me.”

What do you think it takes to be a great content creator?

 ZT: ” Paying attention to detail, finding a purpose that lends to something larger than yourself even if it’s as simple as entertaining your audience, persistence, and great collaborators!”

What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were starting out in your line of work?

 ZT: “The audience doesn’t care how long it takes you to finish a product or what you had to go through to create it. They just want to see a great final product. Make sure you leverage everything”

 What is a typical day like for you and what keeps you motivated?

 4AM: Prayer, Meditation and Priming.

5AM: Producing the Morning Hustle at Radio One.

11:30AM- 12:30 PM: Lunch and Meetings

1PM – 9PM : Producing Content for The Neo Elite and our production company clients.

10PM – 11:30PM : Read and prepare for the next Day.”

Tell us more about The Morning Hustle.

ZT: “The Morning Hustle is primed to be the largest morning show for urban millennials. The hosts of the show are Angie Ange, On Air Jordan, Lore’l, Headkrack and Billy Sorrells. As Urban One continues to grow as a company, it was important for them to provide a national & syndicated platform for this generation of talent. I am very honored to be responsible for producing what the audience hears over the DMV airwaves.” 

What’s the hardest thing about running a media platform that isn’t obvious to the public eye?

 ZT: “Every day is a different challenge, and many times you are problem-solving on the fly. There could be an issue on set, a disgruntled staff member, and an issue in post-production all at the same time. When you run any company, you have to prioritize the problem solving, work through it as quickly and HONESTLY as possible, and keep it moving.”

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t figured out their purpose yet?

 ZT: “If they want to figure it out, do the necessary work by any means to figure it out even if that means googling “How to Find Your Purpose”. You are on your own path and you will feel when life want more out of you. God and the Universe will assist you. “

Which of your traits are you most proud of?

 ZT: “My Intuition.”

What’s your biggest goal for 2020?

 ZT: “I want to break ground on a production studio and also some co-working space for content creators and entrepreneurs.” 

About Zeplyn Tillman 

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Most currently, Zeplyn serves as the producer for the syndicated Radio One, Inc., a morning show in Washington D.C. (WKYS 93.9) and Detroit, Michigan (Hot 107.5) – – The Morning Hustle. In addition, Zeplyn is the CEO and Founder of The Neo Elite, LLC, an entertainment and media company producing digital and experiential content for Millennials and Generation Z at the intersection of music and telling the stories of our generation. Series produced by The Neo Elite includes The D.C. Soul Stage, AMPD, Millennials in Music, and Let’s Be Honest.

Formerly Zeplyn worked or interned in a series of capacities at companies such as A+E Networks, Live Nation Entertainment, and 300 Entertainment.

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