Digital Marketer Autumn Myers Opens Up About Being AHUS Media Correspondent

As the creator of The Queen Sessions and Media Correspondent For America Hates Us, Autumn Myers created a brand to uplift WOC in the media shining light on areas that need to be discussed daily. I chatted with Autumn as she opened up about the start-up of Queen Sessions, being involved with AHUS, the essential keys to digital marketing, and how being a WOC personally affected her platform.

Autumn Myers, Writer of America Hates Us & Digital Marketer

What inspired you to start The Queen Sessions and what does it stand for?

AM: “What inspired me initially was being around so much culture from my friend groups to everyday surroundings. I see how much women of color are trying to push forward in their workspaces, home life, education, and more. We however always seem to never receive the proper spotlight on issues, achievements, or other notable mentions from our other sisterhood platforms. I wanted women of color to come together and celebrate each other because like it or not, we are still competing with men and white women in order to be heard in this country. Being a minority is no ball park and being a minority plus a woman is another struggle. I wanted to create shine for us all ways possible!

The name queen sessions came about because I see women of color as queens. We’re always being dragged in the media for not upholding the same beauty and features as our white counterparts. I wanted to choose a name that signified the brand. That WOC are queens in their own right. Then sessions came to mind because the definition of sessions traditionally means a meeting to conduct its business. I wanted our readers to come to the site and truly feel engaged with the content and being that our target demo is women of color, I wanted them to be involved with the brand as much as possible.”

As a writer for America Hates Us, how did you get involved with this project?


AM: “This beautiful journey with my AHUS family started when I saw a media personality, Scottie Beam, rock one of their tees. I found them and reached out to interview them for TQS (the queen sessions) and just fell hard for their messages. What they are doing for the community is beyond clothing. They donate a portion of sales to non profits, partner with other groups to spotlight their message, and host events that are catered to uplifting pocs. How could I have not want to join? Soon after volunteering, I was asked to be apart of the team and we created a role for me to be a media correspondent and contributing writer to the brand. The rest is history.”


 What is the best piece of business advice you received when you first started your business?

AM: “I’m still receiving so much advice as TQS grows day by day honestly. But, the best advice I am telling myself especially being on the younger spectrum in media, is to trust the process. I used to stress and not trust my greatness. I always am the one rooting for her girls and friends to win, but I forget myself. Someone had to sit me down and say, “Trust the process, you are on your own journey.”


What are the main essential keys to remember in digital marketing?


AM: “Digital marketing is my second love next to writing. Ugh, it’s so amazing and as it grows into new platforms, new rules are being made everyday”.

Here are the key tips for those who are just starting out in marketing:

  1. Study the metrics and behavior patterns of when your audience is being engaged with your content. It helps you figure out when to promote your content & brand in a more effective way.
  2. Be authentic! People smell B.S. (unless it’s FYRE Fest, ha!) But, people now have so much knowledge at the tips of the fingers. We can research anything and if you aren’t being authentic with your messaging, they will know. You can’t promote something to be this grand product or to be apart of a certain lifestyle if your ethics and morals don’t match up. Be a true ambassador to your product.
  3. Understand trends! Most times we tend to only focus on our interests and what our circles are engaged in. You have to step out and study what apps are trending, which artists are headlining, which colors are now being promoted as the “color of the year”, and what lifestyles (vegan for ex.) are becoming the norm for society. It’s all about exploring trends and seeing what’s happening.


 Name some women whom you admire and look up to.

AM: “Beyonce, but that doesn’t need an explanation, haha.

Maya Angelou – We only ever hear about her as a great poet and writer, we never hear about the struggles she endured in order to step into her greatness. I admire her because she used those struggles to truly shape her into the woman she was designed to be. She always deserves to be crowned with greatness. RIP to a true icon.

Rachel Cargle – She is a true advocate of stepping into your greatness. Her words have power behind them and we should uplift women like her. She is compelling, engaging, and makes me feel like I am not alone in my feelings of self discovery.

Valencia Valencia– Her work in the baltimore school system for kids of color is beautiful. She is educating and creating opportunities in communities where people turn their heads. She installs messages of greatness into her students and is very proactive in teaching them to find their purpose. We need the kids to know who they truly are because if not, society will find a way to tell them their place.

Makelia Coleman – My mother is a legacy in my own eyes because she is healing, learning, and growing. I live for the days of when she accomplishes something new and steps into the next phases of her journey. She taught me the importance of learning your craft and how it should bring you true joy. She also teaches me that if you fail, you find a way to win again. The journey doesn’t end with you failing.

What steps do you take when it comes to creating great content?

AM: “For me, I think of all the conversations me and my girls are having. We have some deep discussions from why we shouldn’t shame sex workers to conforming to society’s standards. I think about all of this and notice how some of my former fave sites are posting another article about the Kardashians. It encourages me to find a strategic approach to talk about these topics and see how other outlets have covered them. I aim to do a refreshed approach to the conversation.

But, also what might be great to you, might not be great to others. So it goes back to understanding your audience and making sure they are relating to the content.”


 What do you encourage WOC in your platform? How has it personally affected you as a woman?

AM: “WOAH, this is a big question but beautiful. I aim to provide stories and bring on writers who are very much involved in the content they’re sharing. I added a new category, motherhood, to the site because most of the women who write for TQS are some dope mothers. I can’t speak about motherhood and I would never share someone else’s story about it. I want my writers to be the carriers of their message.

Another way I aim to uplift women if to highlight women in different career fields or backgrounds who are a woc and visibly the only one in the room. I want to share stories of how they had to fight through the stigmas placed upon them, the long nights, and distant social lives in order to find their path. It’s inspiring to me and we don’t ever see that. We always see the perfection on social media but not the grit it takes to get to mastering their skill.

Lastly, it has affected me truly because I did take a year break from TQS. All because I was depressed and unsure of who I was. I felt so out of my comfort zone with friendships, work life, my body, my soul, and who I was supposed to be. It took not my friends but people reaching out and saying they are rooting for me. Complete strangers would say, you are leaving a positive impact and it’s inspiring. It lit a fuel in me to really get back up and step back out into the world. Women really were engaged with the content and it was leaving a true impact.”

 What is your personal and professional motto?

I have two: Pray on your best days, pray on your worst days.

Always be grateful for the journey.



 What does it take to be a “good” blogger?


AM: “You ideally have to be passionate about what you’re doing. Challenge yourself and find topics you are passionate about. It helps you create some of your best content!”



What can we expect from you this year?

AM: “Loads of growth honestly.  I will be debuting in my second art show (very nervous). The Queen Sessions will be doing more digital content and creating great segments for our readers to be engaged with. AHUS and I will be doing our own mini-series and more events hopefully as the weather gets nicer. I will be continuing my self love journey with healthy eating, physical fitness, and stepping into new roles both work related and TQS related.”

About Autumn Myers



24, Digital Marketing professional
Media correspendent for AHUS
Creator for The Queen Sessions
Resides from Las Vegas
Currently in Queens, NYC

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