Bosses in Business: The Women Behind “Girls Gone Boss” Podcast

Girls Gone Boss Podcast brings you amazing conversations with real women overcoming real obstacles yet defying them with style and grace. I caught up with GGB founders Gabriela Ortega & Alex Pender and we discussed healthy partnerships and the inspiration behind GGB.


                    Gabriela Ortega & Alex Pender, Founders of GGB


What inspired you to start Girls Gone Boss?


GGB: “We felt there was a lack of female based podcasts that highlighted the middle-class woman and her achievements. Most interviews we hear or read are about women who are CEO’s of multibillion-dollar corporations, celebrities with a platform who went into entrepreneurship, or women who grew up wealthy. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, we felt that everyone wouldn’t be able to relate. We felt that if we feel that, then other women out there must too. We wanted to speak to real women, despite set-backs or hardships, found the ability to keep pushing and to keep dreaming BIG! We wanted to have their stories heard to help empower the next generation of leaders.”


Tell us a little about your career background and how you connected to start Girls Gone Boss?


GGB: “Gaby is a Senior Label Manager for a major record label and Alex is a Creative Senior Manager for a major Television network. We knew each other from high school and later working together at Viacom. Over 2 years ago, we had a lunch date and we came up with the idea. We weren’t sure how we were going to make it happen, but here we are today.”



 What’s the best piece of business advice you have received while starting or running a business?


GGB: “Passion comes first. You have to go into business for the right reasons. If you go into business with the mindset of becoming rich, then you are destined for failure. Your heart and your purpose needs to be aligned. Everything else will fall into place.”



 If you have 3 extra hours in a day, what would you do with them?

GGB: “Definitely spend those extra three hours on Self-Care. For us, it could be listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast, catching up on a good book, spending quality time with family or getting ahead on our GGB to do list. Self-care is so important and women everywhere should be able to have a chance to do so.”

In your line of work, what does it take to run a podcast that will make listeners tune it?


GGB: “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We take pride on having a community of loyal listeners whom we have built genuine relationships with through our platform, and we think that it shows. We give our listeners a voice by having them feel part of what we have built.”


Which of your traits are you most proud of?

GGB: “Our perseverance and commitment. We both have the ‘we do not give up’ attitude and we are both in this for the long haul. We are committed to helping women all over the world feel empowered.”



What are the main marketing strategies that helped you in your career as well as the launch of Girls Gone Boss?

GGB: “We both come from the Media and Entertainment Industry. We know first-hand that what works today might not work tomorrow. In building Girls Gone Boss, we always had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do and accomplish. The only strategy that always stayed consistent is keeping true to our brand and what we stand for. Everything else is just being organic and in the moment.”  


What does it take to build a healthy partnership in business? How do you resolve if you can’t agree on a decision together?


GGB: “It takes a lot of trust and communication just like any other type of relationship. We have trust in one another and we also know each others strong suits. If there is ever a time where we can’t agree, we both analyze the situation and try to understand why it is important to the other person. Its settled by whoever feels more passionate about the issue at hand.”


Has a mistake ever led you to success?

GGB: “We wouldn’t be here today had we not made some mistakes, yet all the mistakes we have made were the right mistakes to make at that moment. We are in a new innovative industry with not many rules in place yet. I think everyone out there who has a podcast is learning as they go.”



 What is your personal/professional motto?

GGB: “Stay true to what you believe in, and be a kind human.”



We realize the importance of elevating women everywhere and know that together we are capable of much more. Our hope is to spark the flame within you and empower you to pursue all of the desires of your heart. What are you waiting for? Go Listen!

To listen to GGB podcast episodes visit the website,

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