Boundaries, Balance and Business: A Recap of my First Virtual Chat!

Hey my loves!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Late Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Recently, I pressed my reset button and took a break from everything to focus on what I’ve been preparing for my brand in the future! Growth is beautiful, but it brings growing pains that are necessary that we may not appreciate in the beginning. 

This past Friday, I did my first virtual chat on “Girl Talk” with host Earneisha Lott. My dear friend DeAnna Mingo and I were the co-hosts of “Boundaries, Balance, and Business” virtual chat. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both of these ladies for years now and this was our first time collaborating on a project where three successful women can share their stories and God’s purpose.


Earneisha was one of the first women featured on as she shared a remarkable story of her life journey. Check out Walking Through The Fire

Deanna is one of those people that you just want for a big sister lol. She’s always so positive and vibrant and her energy transfers to everyone she meets!

Lemme say y’all…I WAS SOOOO NERVOUS doing this chat! See, I’m just getting I tune with myself with the whole “speaking in public thingy”…so I definitely have my awkward moments lol…like those moments where you’re not not sure where to look or what’s going on! 

I told myself, “you’re doing great, O.” I finally exhaled and I was okay. The questions we discussed in the chat were very interesting. If you’re a business owner or aspiring to be, how do you balance your business and life? That was the major key we discussed in the chat and I was so blessed that all 3 of us wholeheartedly agreed that our businesses would be nothing without God. We discussed sacrifices we had to make and habits we had to break. We also mentioned time-managenment and accountability. I mentioned in the chat that my schedule has gotten way out of whack. I felt so stretched out not having the proper time because I felt like my full time job was taking more of my time. I didn’t have a routine on how I was going to find time to complete all my tasks. I rode that crazy life rollercoaster for a month until I finally decided to do something about it. I set a permanent set schedule with my full time jobs. My off days are strictly to work on branding, set up appts, etc. 

Girl Chat was a breath of fresh air, and I want to thank everyone who watched and tuned in! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics from the awesome night! I totally suck at taking (and remembering lol) to take pictures!!! I’ma do better y’all! Since I’ve stepped out my comfort zone of public speaking, I have went to overlooked to booked. Girl Chat was a gentle reminder to myself that the universe will move when you start believing in yourself, but first you have to START. It was also a reminder that I’m doing very well with my peace removing things that aren’t good for me and focusing on things that help me grow. In closing of Girl Chat, Earneisha gifted us with one of my favorite things in the world….coffee mugs haha! Thank you for my mug, E! And thanks for having me on Girl Chat! 


As we approach Mid -May, I encourage everyone to crush their goals this month! Tell me about them in the comments and how you plan to complete them! And remember, discipline is key!

In other news, I’m proud to announce I’m a guest speaker for I AM ENOUGH Empowerment Conference on Saturday, May 25th from 11am-3pm! If you’re in Louisiana, please come out and support this amazing event hosted by Ashley Marissa! Click here for tickets!



Looking for a good read? Dive in my latest poetry book, “I have a poem”, a collection of life, love, and growth told by yours truly. Click below and share with a avid reader/friend!


Until next time,

Zip. ♥️

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