Walking Through The Fire

 Earniesha Lott


We were not built to break nor were we created to be destroyed.  As a 31-year woman I have learned many lessons and I will boldly say that I am still a work in progress. However, there is one thing I have not an inkling of doubt about, God is far better beyond any words that the English dictionary could ever express. You ask me how I know, well, I have experienced God’s grace, mercy and even times when He walked with me through the fire. He has been my provider, my protector, and my friend.


Walking through with my PROVIDER

People would never imagine the struggles my family and I have faced. They see a poised, well dressed, and pleasant being before their eyes but one should know I have had my share of struggles. In 1984 I was born to two high school students and although they never attended college these are two of the hardest working people I know. My father worked his way up the chain going from buggy boy to manager at local grocery store. When I was in Jr. High my father became very ill. I feared losing him and my little world was shaken. My dear resilient mother, she would jump through hoops and give her last to supply my needs and most of my desires. In my more recent years God has been a financial provider. He made resources available to pay for my first, second, and even my third educational degree. He enabled me to purchase a small quaint home at 23 and now as a single 31yearold woman God has blessed me with a much larger and comfy home. His provisions go well beyond finances. He has given me a family that is extremely supportive and loving. Wisdom, peace, and joy are some of my most appreciated blessings. And the list goes on and on.


Walking through the Gun Fire with my PROTECTOR

I will never forget the night when a robber broke into our home releasing gun fire. I do believe that I was entering the room as he exited our home. One slight change and my life could have been over. I remember hearing the loud gun shots. I ran to my mother’s room to find her with multiple injuries. After calling 911 and wrapping her wounds with towels I rushed to check on my 6 year-old brother who was still sound asleep. I woke him and made him get on his knees so that we could pray. All individuals who were sleeping in the home are alive and well. That night God was my protection through the gun fire!

I believe this incident took my young spiritual life to another level. At that time, I attended church faithfully and participated in many ways but after this experience all of the goodness of God that I had been taught was brought to life right before my very eyes. The doctors thought my mother would never walk again. Even through the gun fire my mother was walking months later just as well as she was before the trauma. I often asked myself, what would my life had been like as a teenage girl without my mother or with a disabled mother? I know my life would have definitely been different. Thank God for walking with me and my family through the gun fire.

Fast forwarding to the present God has protected me through many travels and what could have been dangers mission trips to South Africa and Guatemala. Even during travels to 5 other countries God has been my protector. I have no fear because I know that God is with me. My Father has proven that He is my protector!

Walking through life with my FRIEND

God has held my hand and my heart while walking through life. Although engagement and marriage seems to be on the rise in my generation my Friend has and is keeping me full of love and happiness. I have had my share of heartbreaks and lessons learned. At one point in life I felt incomplete. I thought I needed a significant other to fill that void. I wasn’t sure if I could handle not having someone to sit on the phone with and keep me company. I now realize that God intentionally put certain things on hold in my life so that I could be perfected. Through this, I learned patience, selflessness and most importantly, how open my heart and let Christ fill my cup! Now, with wisdom I know the true friend I needed was God. I have actually come to enjoy the single life and learned to be content with whatever state God would have me to be in. I look forward to someday having a family of my own but as for now I will stay busy in ministry and life as God perfects me for my future family and whatever else He has for me!

I may not have had the most difficult life but everyday has not been a walk in the park. Just know that the challenges and fires we face can often be used to make us better, help us grown, and direct our paths. The next time you feel that you are in a fire simply rejoice. Maybe this fire was needed to save you in some way. God will turn your mourning into dancing and your tears into laughter. Only trust Him, even though the fire.



Professional Life

Earniesha Lott leads an extremely busy life leaving little time for her hobbies which are traveling, spending time with family, and of course shopping! Earniesha is a full time Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in treating children who have experienced abuse/ trauma. She has been practicing in this field almost 6 years. As a full time doctoral student at the University of New Orleans she is planning to complete her dissertation within the next year becoming Dr. Lott. In addition, Earniesha is president of South Louisiana Youth federation where she manages youth events for 15 different Seventh Day Adventist churches throughout south Louisiana. Prior to returning to graduate school to pursue her doctoral degree Earniesha started a non-profit as a support and empowerment opportunity for young mothers. As a result of that initiative another program was birthed to serve as an outreach and prevention group for adolescent and teen girls. Although Earniesha had to put the initiative on hold she hopes to reignite it in the future.

                                                     Humble Beginnings

Raised in the small village of Folsom, Louisiana Earniesha is proud to be considered a country girl. She appreciates good hearty vegetarian meals made with fresh veggies from her grandfather’s garden. She is ever grateful for the bond and love she shares with her family. Although she currently resides in Covington where she recently purchased her second home her humble beginnings were founded in Folsom. Earniesha was born to two high school students who devoted their lives to their daughter making many sacrifices to insure in her success. Earniesha attributes her success to the pure blessings of Jesus Christ and the investments her parents made 31 years ago. She realizes that she is nothing without Christ and continues to give glory to the one who makes all things possible. The scripture that remains at the center of her heart is Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts I think towards you saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


Sweet Ending

Earniesha currently resides in Covington where she recently purchased her second home. With barely any time to spare Earniesha manages to squeeze in travel. She has completed mission trips in both South Africa and Guatemala. She has also visited Honduras, Amsterdam, Bahamas, Paris plus many states in the US. Her next two adventures for the month of April are Virginia Beach followed by a cruise to Cozumel. Earniesha looks forward to someday having a family of her own but as for now she will continue serving God, achieving her goals, and traveling the world!




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