Jacqueline Twillie: A Millennial Woman’s Dream

Jacqueline Twillie



Hi! I’m Jacqueline Twillie. I’m the woman millennial women call when they prepare to negotiate job offers and their performance reviews. I stand for confidence to earn what you’re worth. Why? It took me far too long to realize I could negotiate my worth. When I work with millennial women I teach them they can also negotiate for telework days, car parks, tuition reimbursement, professional development opportunities, gym memberships and extra time off. I’m the author of Navigating the Career Jungle: A Guide for Young Professionals; which is an Amazon bestseller.


I began building my expertise in career development and coaching while I worked for an IT staffing and recruiting company in Metro Atlanta in 2011. During this time, I worked closely with hiring managers from Fortune 500 Companies assisting them with filling in-demand job positions. I’ve coached numerous professionals which resulted in them successfully landing new positions. One of the things that I really enjoy is being able to teach career workshops at Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, General Assembly-Atlanta, and Southeastern Louisiana University.I’m the former vice president of professional development for Young Professionals (YPN) at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I also serve as a millennial career expert on Black Career Women’s Network, the vice president of the Atlanta chapter of Young Government Leaders, and the Atlanta Levo League Chapter leader. I do get about 7-8 of sleep a night despite all of this.

I live in Georgia. I love to practice yoga and cook. You can say I’m also a bit of a daredevil, watch my skydive video on YouTube. Let’s connect online at http://www.JacquelineTwillie.com and on Twitter at@Jvtwillie, but when you see me in-person please say hi!


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