Milan Mobley Talks Entrepreneurship and being The CEO of UManagement Agency

At the age of twenty-one, Milan started her journey into Entrepreneurship. By the age of twenty- five she’s become a three time business owner. She has had the opportunity to work with many notable individuals and projects from the NFL, reality TV stars, New York Fashion Week, Wives of NFL and NBA Players, talents from NBC’s The Voice, celebrities, individuals under the Fashion and Beauty industry and more! Milan is a woman wearing many hats and has made it her priority to be an inspiration and resource to others. I caught up with Milan and we talked about the start-up of UManagement and her love for public relations.


Milan Mobley, CEO of Umanagement Public Relations Agency

What inspired the start-up of Umanagment PR?


MM : “Pre and post-graduation of undergrad I had applied to over 100 plus jobs each in my field. Sadly, I was told I was either inexperienced or I need my masters degree. I was only starting my master’s program. A lot of these jobs required 10 + years of experience and a masters. I was just finishing undergrad and I only really had 4 years of experience thanks to internships, campus organizations and volunteer opportunities. Instead of being discouraged, I started my own company. I gave myself the opportunity.”


Why do you love PR?

MM : “I love the challenge of taking someone’s brand to the next level through strategic planning and creativity. I also love how fast pace it is! I’m a person who hates being still and even bored for that matter.”

Name your greatest accomplishments and highlight in your agency.

MM : “I don’t believe I reached my greatest accomplishments yet. The company is only 4 years old and we still have so much to accomplish and cover. However, if I had to pick a highlight it would be making it past the first two years; that is very hard to do. If I had to pick an accomplishment, having consistent clientele for almost four years.”


Who have been some favorites you did PR with?

MM: “Defiantly would be Stevie Boi, Yard Talk 101 and Taylor Styles Beauty loft. ” 


Has a mistake ever led you to success?

MM: “All the time. Each mistake is a learning lesson to do it differently and to do it better. I make mistakes daily. It’s a part of the process. Now the mistakes may not be enormous, but they have been big enough to make an impact.”

What does it takes to have a successful team and a successful business? 

MM: “In order to have a successful team, they must believe in your vision as much as you and want to see it grow. People who lack the passion for the company won’t give it their all. No one person will be exactly as passionate as the CEO, but seeing the vision and believing in it matters. Having a successful business is remaining consistent, determined and dedicated. Not letting anyone out work you is the goal.”


When dealing with public and media inquiries, which is the most difficult question to answer? 

MM: When media inquiries come  they normally are just asking to feature clients. We hardly receive public inquires unless it’s for business/collaborations.”


What is the solution to a unhappy client?

MM: “Figure out why they are unhappy and go from there. I believe communications fixes everything.”

What is the most important lesson to remember about PR?

MM: “The most important lesson to remember about PR is nothing can be rushed if you want it done correctly.”

What can we expect from Umanagement PR in the future? 

MM:“Umanagement clients are doing major things, releasing EP’s, speaking engagements, events and more! I wish I could share everything but we are still working out major details. When things are finalized, we will send them out via our newsletter and Instagram page”



About Milan Mobley



Milan P. Mobley is an Entrepreneur, Entertainment Publicist and Public Speaker. She is the CEO of Umanagement Public Relations Agency, Founder, and Creator of the EntrepreneuHERs Brunch and Creator of Boss BAE Chic. She is better known as the millennial powerhouse! Milan is a self- motivated, goal-oriented, and creative Entrepreneur who will get the job done under any circumstance. Milan is a graduate of Bowie State University, where she obtained her Bachelors of Science Degree in Public Relations. She is also a graduate The George Washington University where she obtained her of Masters of Professional Studies degree in Strategic Public Relations.

Her undergraduate career at Bowie State University prepared Milan for the Public Relations Industry. She was the PR coordinator for the Student Alumni Association, Vice President of Communications for the Sports Management club, in the same year Junior Class President and second Vice President for the National Council of Negro Women and Milan is also a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC. Ending her college career, she became one of the lead Peer educators for Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Prevention and the Student Government Association President. These notable mentions, Milan Says “prepared me to be the CEO and Publicist that I am today.”

After undergrad, Milan has been featured on the local radio station WKYS back in her hometown of Washington, DC featured on international blogging sites such as The Media Prince and The BlkTicketConcept and on a multitude of other platforms. She can also be found on various podcast, internet radio shows, youtube channels and other online publications. Milan has also appeared on a local TV station called CTV a number of times for her work and contributions to women empowerment. At the age of twenty-three she was featured in the #16 spot of the HBCU Buzz Class of 2017 30 under 30.

Her earlier career before becoming a her own boss, she worked at the United States Department of Agriculture for Seven years. After those seven years, Milan took a leap of faith at the age of Twenty-Three and became self-employed in August of 2017, after being a business owner of only two years. Building her portfolio, she interned with ESPN980 and Attune Music Entertainment Group for some time, she also took a number of volunteer opportunities that consisted of PR related work. Since the start of her working career, Milan was inspired to one day have her own agency that centered around her passion.


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