The Power of Music: Reina P. Talks Branding, Goals, and her Upcoming EP

Through music and various forms of art, Reina P. expresses herself to the world as she prepares for her upcoming EP, “Ever Loving You”. As an HR professional by day and artist by night, Reina believes staying true to yourself is what makes you a real creative. I chatted with Reina as we discussed her artistry style and influences, 2019 goals, and the most fun parts about being a brand ambassador.


Reina V. Palencia | Musician, Poet, Writer, & Painter

What is your career by day?

RP: “I am a trilingual, educated and fierce but friendly-neighborhood Human Resources Professional by day, and a musician, poet, writer, and painter by night! Haven’t been able to pick just one, lol. I’m currently working on integrating my music with my professional career. Stay tuned for the future of genuine Employee-friendly HR Consulting through the power of music!”

What are the fun parts about being an ambassador?

RP: “The VERY best part, as any other ALIVE human being on this Earth would agree, is the FREE STUFF. The problem is that there’s NO FREE STUFF in it for me, lol! The discount on my shoes as a brand ambassador is pretty nice, however! Of course, I really do enjoy the product itself (the Bangs Shoes), but I mostly take joy in knowing that for every purchase made, I am indirectly contributing towards making recycled loans more accessible for first-time entrepreneurs or businesses who may not have otherwise gotten the opportunity. I do also really enjoy meeting new travelers, and this brand has helped me reach a broader online family who share the same passion for traveling + adventure!”


What are your favorite genres of music and artists?


RP: “Definitely depends on which mood I’m in, and what the occasion may be! An example: I could be in a very blue mood, but depending on if I’d like to dive into those emotions, I may play some more “blue music” as opposed to something that will “cheer me up.” If my mind is so jumbled from all kinds of emotions I’ve been feeling for the day, I’ll just listen to instrumentals of any kind, likely a classical piano (Alexander Scriabin) or lo-fi beat from a non-mainstream producer. If I’m in the mood to play guitar, likely you’ll catch me playing my own renditions of finger-picked R&B, soul, latin-fusion or pop/rock.

I am a firm believer that sound vibrations are always impacting our emotions/feelings, and so every single song or piece of music I play or listen to, regardless of genre, is ALWAYS intentional! “


What would you say is your artistic style?


RP: “My music is very “ME”- A brown, queer androgynous woman! I’d describe it as a sweet-, intense and sensually saucy salsa you can’t help but think “this is too spicy” but yet, you continue either pouring it on top of all your foods for the next few days, or you MUST have it on the side. Either way, it MUST be present, and you’ve no idea why it now must be part of your every-day menu. Or at least every other day.

HA! But seriously, my artistic style whether it be music, poetry, or painting/photography, is always a genuinely grungy but sleek/sensual, and over all sincere style: a very intimate one. “

What’s the most important thing to running while running a creative business?


RP: “To Stay true to yourself, your art and your end goal: what matters to you artistically, professionally, and individually at the end of the day.”


 What do you do when you feel uninspired?

RP: “I sit myself at the keys, or the guitar, and I listen to my favorite covers of songs played acoustically by someone else until eventually I start to feel like I’m right there and my feed start tapping. Then this desire to join in and jam out sparks up! I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.”


What is your biggest goal in 2019?


RP: “Self-care in the form of my long-awaited EP: “Ever Loving You.” This Fall 2019!” 


What do you like to do in your spare time?

RP: “I enjoy of course, making music ANY chance I get, but my other loves also involve: photography, hiking with my girlfriend and pup, and going to the James River and sitting by the water. I play out community festivals at times as well as a form of volunteering!”



What is success to you? 

RP: “Success to me is the times in my life when I can genuinely sit back, look back upon my walked path, and know that I am genuinely experiencing JOY through the things and people I chose to invest my time, energy and resources onto. A prolonged state of joy, if you will.”


 How has your past job experiences helped you in your personal brand?


RP: “My past jobs have taught me that hard work in a GLOBAL approach WILL get you anywhere in life you want to be! That if you dream it, and you want it bad enough to make it happen, your dream will become your reality.

The key is also knowing when that transition has begun to happen, so that you don’t continue to overwork yourself in the long-term and can be free to enjoy the prolonged state of joy, or …success!”

Reina’s Contact Info

Instagram: @Musiqreiv 
Facebook: Musiqreiv

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