How Sillie Mugo Created A Creative Business Through Abstract Art

Sillie Mugo found a love for art at the age of 15 and she fulfilled that passion into a striving art business, creating a space to uplift and inspire others through abstract art. I caught up with Sillie and we discussed lessons in running a creative brand, the inspiration behind her paintings, and the biggest lessons she learned by sticking to her passion.
Sillie Mugo, Artist

How did you get started in creating abstract art?

SM: “Art has always been my escape. When I moved from Kenya to the US when I was 15, I had a really heavy accent, so it was hard to assimilate to the American culture. Art class was the only place I felt safe.  I started by experimenting with different styles, and I knew when I found the style that came easy to me, it was what I would stick with!”

Who are some of your favorite artists and why?

SM: “Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet, because Flowers and Botanical art is where I find the most joy. I really love Amira Rahim as well. She is so inspirational and she is a millenial artist who is living out her dream. I think it just goes to show that Art is a thriving career choice, and she motivates other artists to pursue their dreams too!”

What does it take to running a creative business?

SM: “It takes alot of Coffee and Perseverance! Lol but seriously, being disciplined, continuing to practice my craft, consistency – especially when it comes to providing value on social media, and keeping positive “Big” thinkers around me – because people can tend to bring an artist down if they dont see the vision the same way that I do!”

What do you want people to know when they see your art?

SM: “My Botanical Queens series represent the Resilience and Beauty of women – Just like flowers – we are delicate yet strong, always growing and blooming, always reaching for the sky!

My hope is always that my art uplifts and inspires! I use really vibrant colours, and my style with the uplifting brush strokes has always come from a place of joy. My hope is anyone who experiences my art can feel that too :).”
IMG_1309 (1)

What is your go-to when you need inspiration or when in a creative rut?

SM: “I’m a believer. I always pray for guidance in everything. I also love being outdoors, hiking and getting to be in a botanical setting literally brings all the inspiration back to life! I learned it’s important to be kind to myself, so if it’s not the day to be creative, I find other ways to work on my Business, like reading biz books, or admin work. “

What do you love most about being an creative and artist?

SM: “I love that I can tell my stories without speaking words, it’s all on the canvas. I also appreciate the great community of artists and creatives that I’ve grown to know and love through social media!”

What is a typical day like for you?

SM: “First things first, Coffee + Daily devotionals. I set my intentions for the day! I then check customer emails and get the admin work done before I get into the studio. Up beat music is a must! I’m always jamming to some Yemi Alade, all afro beats will do! I’m really intuitive so most times my paintings are not planned out. Once the canvas is on the easel, I just let the inspiration flow.”

What is your professional or personal motto?

SM: “Consistency and Discipline are key. If I do what I’m supposed to do, when I’m supposed to do it, then I’ll see the results exactly as they should be!”

What’s the most important lesson you’re learned in running a creative brand?

SM: “I cannot stress how important social media has been for me, I have had multiple opportunities including licensing deals from my work being discovered on social media – so if any creative out there is doubtful or doesn’t know if they should post their work – do it, cause you never know who is admiring your work 🙂
Also – set your goals higher than you think is possible – We are only as good as the goals we believe we can achieve!”


About Sillie Mugo



Sillie Mugo is a Kenyan Abstract Artist spreading happiness one vibrant brushstroke at a time. Sillie combines modern and traditional influences to create her vibrant art. Her Inspirations include nature, the Lush Botanical Gardens she grew up around in Kenya, and the healing power of Colour. Sillie Currently resides in Columbia, MD.


Sillie’s Contact Info

Instagram: @silliemugo

Facebook: Sillie Mugo Art


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