The EUTSAM Journey With Owner Brittany Schexnayder

I’m honored to introduce the first feature of 2022 which is Miss Brittany Schexnayder! I had the pleasure to catch up with Brittany about the start-up of her business EUTSAM (Everything Under the Sun and Moon), how she balances life and business, and reflecting the ups and downs of 2021.

Brittany Lyn Schexnayder, owner of EUTSAM

Tell us about EUTSAM! What inspired you to start your business and what was the process like for you? 

BLS: “Greetings! My name is Brittany Schexnayder and I am the owner of EUTSAM. EUTSAM is your one-stop Metaphysics Shop providing Everything Under The Sun And Moon to assist you along your spiritual journey. EUTSAM came to me as a Divine Download during meditation one morning. At an early age, I developed a love and curiosity for the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxy, different dimensions, black holes, and other life forces. I was always in tune with the energy within me and around me, without really knowing it. I grew up hiding a lot of myself because the things, subjects, and matters that I was interested in were widely viewed as being “weird”. Who wants to be looked at as the “weird” one in the family, friendship circle, or classroom? That was me then, which is nothing like the “me” now. 

You can only run from your truth for so long, and man, was I tired of running. 

The more I started to open myself up to my gifts, talents, and the things that made me feel alive, the more I realized I was totally being aligned for the two things I used to run away from; my truth and my power. 

I have always been deeply intrigued by the Occult, the unseen, and other realms. Taboo subjects. 

After the birth of my son, I fell into postpartum depression. I lost myself. Literally. I would stare into the mirror and just cry because I didn’t know who I was anymore. Everything about me was changing on top of being a new-mom that barely knew how to change a diaper. Although that was one of the most difficult moments in my life, I’m SUPER GRATEFUL for it, because without it, I would’ve never had a chance to look within, dig deep, and pull out the real me. The me that needed to be seen.

Motherhood threw me for a loop and I need to stay as grounded & centered as possible. I started getting deep into my spiritual practices and started changing my lifestyle. There were so many signs, symbols, and synchronicities that aligned me with subjects such as Law Of Attraction, Subconscious programming, crystals, moon cycles, astrology, numerology, and a slew of other Metaphysical topics. 

My love and passion for spiritual tools started off as a little spark when I went shopping for my first crystal. These shiny stones held so much power and energy in them, which reminded me of myself. There was more to the eye that you couldn’t see, which again, reminded me of me.  You could actually feel the energy emanating from them! 

Being that I was always an energy lover, it was love at first sight, or should I say, love at first “Energy Exchange”.

The deeper I got into my journey and into my spiritual practices, the more I got into using different spiritual tools. At the time, I didn’t have anyone to go to for advice, so I did a ton of research until I was aligned with my Spiritual teachers. I also realized that I was the only one that I knew of in my town that was into this way of being. 

I started to share my love for crystals and give information on them along with giving insight of my journey and my practices. By speaking my truth and honoring who I was, I started attracting and connecting with like-minded individuals that wanted to know more of what I know. The more I shared, the more people opened up to the practices and came to me for guidance and knowledge. 

After being the resource for different crystal suppliers, botanicals, apothecary, and Metaphysics shops, I realized that I could do this too! This is where the ULTIMATE inspiration came from. I was already doing what I loved to do, so why not dive deeper?

Through prayer and mediation, I received the answers and guidance that I needed along with Divine Downloads to birth EUTSAM!”

In moments of adversity in life and business, how do you build yourself back up?

BLS: “Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. It is also defined as the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. In moments of adversity in life and business, my strong resilience has allowed me to build myself back up time and time again. 

I believe resilience is that desire deep within you that never dies like a burning fire. Sometimes the flame of the fire is high, and sometimes it is low, but it never goes out.

Once I have a deep desire to accomplish a goal or dream and make it a reality, adversity then becomes an obstacle course for me. I do not bend nor break in the face of adversity, I put my game face on and go harder! I use a combination of rest and passion play. I would say “work”, but to be quite frank, that’s dead to me. We don’t work, we passion-play. In other words, we wake up and do what we love…always playing with our passions. 

When you are passionate about your dreams and goals, adversity is always a stepping stone that helps you grow. It’s all about your perspective as well. You can view the size of your adversity being as big as an elephant or as small as a mouse. 

For a more practical approach, in the face of adversity I ALWAYS get still and quiet the noise around me so I can hear what’s going on inside of me. I give all of my cares, concerns, worries, and desires over to Source. Too many times I have tried to do this thing called, “Life”, by myself and it has never worked. 

Once I started to deepen my connection with Source everything got better. I was no longer mentally bogged down and any physical or emotional ailments that were caused by lack of spiritual awareness dissipated. 

By inviting and allowing Source to take the lead in every area of my life, along with me doing my part by being resilient, I literally navigate through any adversities with a secure deep knowing that everything will always work out in my favor, and that’s definitely in my business and personal life.”

Which of your traits do you admire about yourself the most? What is your life affirmation?

BLS: “One of the traits I highly admire about myself is my vivacious spirit! No matter how many times life tries to throw a punch, I side-step, block it, then proceed to dance around it. I don’t even try to fight it anymore. I leave that up to my spiritual team.  No ma’am, no sir…I will not allow outside circumstances to derail me from living fully! 

This hasn’t always been the case, but through a solid spiritual practice, positive affirmations, along with using my imagination to produce positive visualizations, I maintain my vivaciousness and zest for life by knowing everything is always happening for me, and never happening to me. 

I had to get myself out of the victim mindset PLENTY of times while coming to a good understanding that you are always where you are meant to be, and at any time, you can change that. It all starts within. 

My life affirmation is, “Everything that I want is within reach, because everything that I need is within me.” I use this every single time I feel a “lack” of. I look around me and raise my vibrational awareness through gratitude for what I already have, knowing that everything that I need is always on its way in not only due time, but Divine Timing!”

2021 was a rollercoaster year! How did it go for you and what important lessons did you learn?

BLS: “2021? What is that? *laughs out loud* Whew! 2021 was most definitely an emotional rollercoaster. Can we throw 2020 in there as well? 2021 definitely was a year of the beginning of what I would like to call my, “Faith of a mustard seed journey”. So much was going on behind the scenes in every aspect of the world and life. We started to see a huge breakdown in the world as we once knew it, and to be honest, I wouldn’t change anything! Why? Because sometimes things need to get broken down in order to get built back up in an even stronger and solid form. 

In 2021, I launched my business. Although technically I registered my business in 2020, I was being patient while waiting on Spirit to tell me when it was time to go! Launching my Metaphysics shop was the beginning of my liberation. Why? Because for the first time in my life, I was taking the lead on my happiness. Gone were those days where I was afraid of being called a “weirdo” because of my interests. I actually embraced it! Why? Because I knew that by stepping into who I had always known myself to be would either run people away or attract them to me. Either way, I was okay with that and started to possess a peace within me!

Let’s get a little deeper, I was in a partnership that definitely was a reflection of who I was at the time. Literally my sister-sign, Taurus. As sister-signs, we possess a lot of the same traits and qualities, the only difference is our way of thinking and being. I’m a Scorpio, down to where the meat shows, so as a fixed water sign, I am true to who I am and a bit stubborn. It wasn’t until I saw these traits, good & bad, shown in someone that I possessed a strong love for that made me really look within…and to be honest, I didn’t like everything that I was seeing on the inside. 

I am a firm believer that we are all reflections and mirrors of one another, and there are no such things as coincidences; only signs, symbols, and synchronicities. We meet who we need exactly when we need them! I needed him just as much as he needed me and it was all for our overall growth.

That partnership really and truly made me reevaluate everything that I had known or believed up unto that point. I took a deep dive into self and had to sit with some ugly stuff. I had to go into a lot of traumas and unresolved issues that I had put off for far too long. I had to dig deep and heal that child within me. My inner child needed me!

I learned a tough, emotional lesson on boundaries. Boundaries are how I protect myself while loving you and still wholeheartedly loving me. At the time, my boundaries were weak. I was pouring from a half filled cup and giving a lot of myself. This also provoked my view on reciprocity. As a giver, you have to have boundaries, because takers don’t. I found myself being so emotionally invested in others, that I wasn’t pouring into my own cup, which left me feeling depleted more times than I’d like to remember.

2021 taught me that you are the one that teaches people how to treat you! By setting boundaries and learning how to reciprocate energy, I was able to take back anything that had once taken control over me.”

What is BALANCE in your definition? How do you apply it to your life?

BLS: “One minute I eat a raw vegan taco, the next minute I eat a slice of red velvet cake, that’s balance right? *Laughs out loud*. I would define balance as the ability to honor and navigate through the ebb and flow of the ever-changing energy in our daily lives. Balance for me is beginning to look a little different than what it used to. When it comes to my business life, no longer am I trying to work, work, work, until I face burnout. Remember, we don’t work, we passion-play. Like anything else, business is also a cycle. One minute you can be up, the next minute you can be down. Knowing how and when to step away and allow yourself to rest is critical for me. 

A lot of my creativity stems from personal experiences which can be applied to my business. Being that the two go hand-in-hand together, a lot of times, I have to constantly decipher between the two. During the peaks of the Full Moon and New Moon, it is a period in my personal life where I like to rest and work with the energies of the moon, however because my business is a spiritual business that also deals with the moon cycles, that can be a time where my energy is being pulled on and I am being called to work with my customers or clients.

The balance comes from making sure that I am first honoring my personal space before I can hold space for someone else. I no longer pour out of a half-full or empty cup. If my cup is not full, then not only am I not able to help my clients, but I am also not able to help myself. By honoring my personal space first, I am able to maintain a healthy balance in business and personal life.”

What hobbies or interests help you get back in a positive mood when you’re feeling down?

BLS: “The more I sit with my feelings, whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable, the more I am able to alchemize and direct them to higher vibrations. Life isn’t always grand, but by seeing the Silver Lining, I’m able to call positivity back into my space even when I’m not feeling my best. I invite in this energy by using some of my favorite hobbies and interests. Reading, journaling, yoga, walking meditation, sitting meditation, gardening, creating, exercising, juicing, cooking, watching the Home & Garden network, and going out into nature & observing different life forms that aren’t humans are a slew of my hobbies that help keep me grounded, centered, and in a positive mood when I’m feeling down. 

Might I add that a new interest has also been added to my list of “Come Back To Yourself”, and that one is a very underestimated interest; REST

By listening to my body and honoring the ebb & flow of energy, I rest when it is needed. I believe in being at optimal health, especially when you’re creating, which allows you to bring all of you to the forefront. There’s nothing positive about running on E (empty). 

So when I feel myself getting depleted or feeling down, I either use my active hobbies or use my passive hobbies which definitely includes rest.”

What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned in running a business so far?

BLS: “Business is definitely a step-by-step learning technique. The minute you figure one subject out, the next minute you realize that there is something else that you need to learn. The hardest lesson that I’ve learned in business so far is staying consistent and staying motivated. Life happens, but business doesn’t stop. Let me be the one to tell you that business isn’t always beautiful. There are some days that you don’t feel like showing up or handling business affairs, but that is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about the consistency. 

My business is closely related to my personal life. Which is one of the reasons I have struggled with consistency and staying motivated. A lot of what I do and a lot of what happens in my personal life is relayed in my business life. Those days where I want to rest or don’t feel like showing up have been very challenging. Why? Because I can literally feel the energy that is going on within the world and sometimes I want to go into hermit mode. This can start off by me taking “off” for one day, then three days, then before you know it, it’s been three weeks! That’s a huge no-no for me. 

Being away from your business can leave you either feeling unmotivated or inspired again. I have learned how to fall in love with my business over and over again by seeing different aspects of it which inspires me to get back in, slowly but surely.

On the contrary, yes, you do have to listen to & honor your body when it is time to rest or take a step back. This can help you gain answers or a new perspective to an issue that you might be experiencing in business. 

The key is to make sure that you have a plan so that on those days where you don’t feel like showing up, your business can still run itself. “

As a creative, what resources would you recommend to someone starting a new business?

BLS: “Everything I want is within reach, because everything I need is within me,” let’s start there. As a creative, we are basically able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, or maybe we should leave that up to the magician. Creative beings are some of the most sensitive beings and through our sensitivity & emotions, we create. I want you to first realize that there is nothing outside of you that you need that isn’t already within you. You just have to tap into it. 

While creativity comes easy to us, I know from experience that handling matters on the business side can get a bit confusing. I would most definitely recommend not only surrounding yourself around like-minded individuals who can help you grow both personally and in business, but I would also suggest that you get a business mentor. 

There is a FREE RESOURCE called that offers a multitude of free business resources. You are able to get a business mentor that will be directly assigned to you, workshops & webinars that help you grow, scale, & expand, along with local events that will allow you to network.

I have used Score throughout the course of starting my business and it has helped me tremendously. 

Name your greatest accomplishment(s) or something that made you proud since you’ve started your business. 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi 

BLS: “I remember when I used to try to change people, which never worked, it only changed me. The moment I started to look within myself and change those aspects that were reflected to me, is the moment I started to see a change in others. 

The moment I started speaking my truth, honoring myself, & stepping into my power was the moment I started to lead by example and see a change that I first couldn’t see. Why? Because I was so focused on them and not focused on me. I started to redirect my focus to the only thing I had control over, which was my being and my healing. I stopped trying to change others and did the work on myself which then motivated others to do the same. 

I remember at one point I was “talking the talk”, but wasn’t “walking the walk”. How was I going to change others when I was resisting change within myself?

I started to lead by example. 

This has been my greatest accomplishment thus far. The honesty, the transparency, the vulnerability has led me to lead others. The feeling of being proud of myself and others as we actively seek positive change on our journey is priceless.

Being the change that I wish to see in the world has allowed me to be a “change-agent” FOR the world. “

What is a goal you want to definitely execute in 2022?

BLS: “Execution, wow, I remember I used to cringe at that word. As a creative, I definitely don’t struggle with coming up with new ideas, projects, or concepts, however, when it comes to actually planning and following through, or executing, that is where the resistance lies. 

A goal that I want to execute in 2022 is being more action-oriented. 

For far too long, I’ve slept on my creativity, my ideas, Divine Downloads, and for sure myself. It’s time to wake up! *snaps fingers*

For 2022, I want to be more intentional in the actions I take. I no longer feel afraid of what others might say or think about me. It’s all a projection of what’s going on inside of them. Being more intentional and action-oriented will allow me to FULLY express myself as the Divine Being that I am. 

I REFUSE to be on my death-bed with thoughts of “I wish I would’ve or could’ve”. I will leave my mark on this Earthly plane. The only way to do that is to take action!

My creativity is a reflection of what The Divine gives me. I desire to walk in my truth and honor the blessings that are being bestowed upon me.” 

More about Brittany Lyn Schexnayder

My name is Brittany Lyn Schexnayder, owner of EUTSAM. I was born in a small town called Paulina, Louisiana which is located in St. James Parish. We are known for growing the best sugar cane in the south! We were also the homebase for the popular show, “Queen Sugar”. I graduated high school in 2010 as a Lutcher High Bulldog. Fresh out of high school, I continued to work a steady job while also pursuing college. I knew school was never for me, because I also knew deep down inside of me was something that couldn’t be taught or bought. This led me to starting my spiritual journey. My hobbies include being a channel for the Divine, sungazing, yoga, reading, writing, moon-gazing, meditating, creating, and gardening. I have a slew of natural gifts and talents, but my favorite one to use is the ability to read energy.



IG Handle: @eutsam

FB Handle:

Press Link: Life & Work with Brittany Schexnayder of New Orleans – Voyage Austin

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