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Jodi-Kay Edwards: Business Coach, Digital Expert & Visibility Strategist

How did you get started in tech and entrepreneurship?

JK: “I always knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur! When I was younger I remember staring at this book my mom had on the bookshelf. Entrepreneurship for Dummies. Maybe you’ve heard of that series but it stuck out to me and I fell in love with the idea of being your own boss at a very young age. I always had this feeling that I was meant for more. When I was younger I also struggled with bullies and disordered eating. I sought the support of strangers on live journal, then when WordPress came about I started my own blog and that evolved into a lifestyle brand. I was making enough to become a full time fashion and lifestyle influencer so I used that platform to talk about things that mattered to me also like mental health and wellness. Before I knew it I was diving into e-courses and teaching other people how to grow a profitable blog. One passion lead to the next and I knew there was a need for me to be the type of business coach that the industry was lacking! “

What tactics and strategies do you think it takes to be run a new successful business?

JK: “New business owners often underestimate what they can achieve in a decade and get too focused on what they need to accomplish in a year. I don’t believe that it has to take three+ years for you to be able to profit from entrepreneurship. To be successful it really takes three things, skill, mindset and marketing. If you have a skill you can monetize you can start making money online this week, if you have the right mindset to propel you forward instead of hold you back your success really is inevitable, if you have the strategy to properly market yourself and put your message out there you’d be surprised at how quickly the cashflow comes flowing in.”

 What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were starting your business helping other entrepreneurs?

JK: “The best piece of advice I read was to just start. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you figure it out along the way and success is built upon a pile of little failures so in reality we’re always failing forward.”

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

JK: “I don’t have a least favorite part about being an entrepreneur surprisingly! I love all aspects of it because I’m always growing. I’m always learning what I can do better, what worked, what didn’t. I’ve been building websites for over ten year, playing video games for as long as I can remember and soaking up knowledge since I could read so the nerdy part of me loves figuring things out and documenting the wins so I can teach them to my clients and celebrate their wins with them.”

Tell us more about some key strategies ever entrepreneur should consider before staring a business. 

JK: “Start with identifying and understanding your niche, who do you want to pay you, but most importantly what type of person does your product or service serve then find out where they hang out online, create content that THEY are interested in engaging with, find this out via market research and create that content with powerful call to actions and offers. Take the selling out of selling by serving first, your audience will grow and so will your bank account if you avoid getting shiny object syndrome and focus on being really great at one thing first before moving to the next.”

What’s the first thing you every morning to get your day on the right foot?

JK: “I teach my clients to craft their powerful millionaire morning routine. I’m not a millionaire (yet!) but my routine helps me to get in the right mindset to be successful. Every morning I wake up I make it a habit to not touch my phone unless I’m hitting snooze or looking for a meditation online. After meditating I grab my crystals hold them to my chest and feel into my affirmations. “I am magic, I am in the process of creating my dream life, I am worthy, I am loved.” Depending on what part of my life I’m focusing on fixing I’ll journal my negative thoughts out and focus on what is going well with an attitude of gratitude. I call this a gratitude rampage, I just say everything and anything that I’m thankful for as is pops in my head! Oh and I always make my bed! Everyday, my room feels better (no matter how mess it gets) and it inspires me to start the day fresh despite what happened the day prior.”

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t figured out their purpose yet?

JK: “There is no timeline on finding your purpose. Sometimes it requires letting go and surrendering a bit for something good to come to you. If it’s really bothering you that you’re living life on auto pilate, start making the switch to intentional living. Simply act with intention, why are you going to this job, why are you hanging out with certain people, why are you saying certain things about yourself or others? Start to put your mindset in a place where it challenges you on if what you’re doing is truly making you happy. From there your intuition will start to grow, let it and let your purpose intuitively come to you. A secret is once you start to do more of what you love instead of doing what you “have to do”, it will naturally come to you. Take a look at how you feel when you’re doing something you genuinely love that’s a huge hint your body gives you to finding your purpose.”

Has a mistake ever led you to success?

JK: “All the time! In my mistakes I learn what not to do meaning when I embody my Inner CEO and choose alignment over the hustle I learn to listen more therefor I make better decisions. Sometimes I act quick, sometimes I don’t it all depends on the situation and what I feel energetically aligns with me.”

What traits are you most proud of?

JK: “I love that strategy comes easy to me, in this I was able to generate a full time income helping others with a dream achieve great things! It’s taken a lot of mindset work for me to be proud of my natural talents. I love learning and because learning is earning I also love that I’m not afraid to invest in myself, because of this I’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with and learn from amazing people in my industry and have a seat at a table that I never in a million years thought I would be welcomed at!”

What’s your personal affirmation or a quote/scripture that reminds you to never give up?

“Most of us overestimate what we can accomplish in a year, and underestimate what we can accomplish in 3 or 4 decades.”- Tony Robbins
I love this quote because it reminds me that while I’m focused on exceeding my goals year after year looking at the last ten years of my life has been pretty amazing because I’ve grown and learned so much and I bet if you think about it, yours has been too!

About Jodi-Kay Edwards

Jodi-Kay Edwards is the founder of Alignment Is The New Hustle, a business strategy and personal development brand helping entrepreneurs build wildly profitable businesses in a flow state. She is a firm believer that when your inner work meets your outer work you’re on your way to creating magic.

Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to create lucrative lives and businesses so they can grow their impact and income. She is known for her clear, concise and easy to implement business and mindset strategies. Her courses, coaching and platforms have been used to transformed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs. Her goal is to not only transform lives but transform the journey entrepreneurs embark on.

Growing a business can feel overwhelming, messy and uncertain. She has become a powerful force in the online coaching industry and a beacon of light to guide others to clarity, happiness and growth. You can find her primarily hanging out inside her free Facebook Group, Alignment Is The New Hustle: Strategies For the Successful Entrepreneur and over on Instagram @jodikayedwards.

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