How ‘Life With Ashley B.’ Uses Her Platform to Impact the Women of our Generation

Meet Ashley B., a lifestyle blogger and the Founder of Julius Hill CHF Foundation. Also a super mom and alpha woman, Ashley B. has mastered the art of balancing life & business. I had the pleasure to chat with Ashley about her non-profit organization, the life of being a mompreneur, and the art of consistency and self-discipline. 

Ashley B., Lifestyle Blogger 


Tell us about your foundation, Julius Hill CHF Foundation, Inc.

 AB: ” I started this nonprofit in honor of my grandfather who passed away of heart failure in November of 2018. We organize events to educate our community on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

What was the process like for you when you first started your nonprofit? 

 AB: “The process for starting my nonprofit was pretty fun and exciting. This was the first time I had ever started a organization, so I was very nervous at first. However, I did obtain some help from a Soror who is an attorney. She guided me in the right direction on which steps to take to start my nonprofit.”

What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were starting your business?

 AB: “The best piece of advice I received was to stay focused and steadfast on my purpose. I started this foundation to help people in my community and I also didn’t want my grandfather’s name to ever be forgotten. He was a true visionary and he also did a lot for the community.”

What’s the most important lessons you’ve learned so far while running a business?

 AB: “The most important lesson I have learned is to delegate tasks to others. I always try to do everything on my own, but I have learned that we all need help; and it’s okay to ask for help when necessary. I practice a lot of self-care routines, so I really believe that it is important to try and not do everything by yourself.”


How do you stay self-disciplined, motivated, and consistent in your line of work?

AB: “This is a tough one lol! I really try to stay self-disciplined, motivated and consistent. I recently took a brand class offered by and it has really helped me with consistency and self-discipline. I have a personal worksheet that I fill out every Sunday before I begin my week that maps out everything. I call it my weekly glance. I have my schedule written down, my to-do’s list for my social media, youtube, and nonprofit. I also have my extracurricular activities written down as well. I have become a planner girl. I utilize my planner to the fullest. I’ve noticed if I do not do this, it throws my entire week off balance. I need balance in order to function to my fullest potential.”

What is your biggest goal for 2020?

 AB: “To go harder! I feel like I didn’t take full advantage of things in 2019. I believe I have a feel for how I want to move as far as my brand and nonprofit in 2020. Big things are coming! “

As a mompreneur, how do you manage and balance your life as a mom and running a business?

 AB: “Girl, PATIENCE! LOL! I feel like I am still learning how to grasp momlife each day, but by the grace of God I get through it all. However, I do have a great support system. My mother was a single mompreneur like myself. She taught me strong work ethic at a young age. My mother juggled running a business full-time while still raising me to be the woman I have become. She never gave up, and neither will I. I tell my daughter Aubrey Skye all the time; “if you want something, you have to work hard for it.” She’s only 6 years old, but as she gets older, I know she will understand good work ethic and how to obtain balance in life.”

Who are some women whom you admire and look up to?

 AB: “I look up to my mother. She worked so hard to obtain the level of success that she has today and she did it without a college degree. She instilled educational values in myself that I plan to pass along to Aubrey Skye. I also admire Michelle Obama. After reading her book Becoming, I pray that one day I am able to have her grace, tenacity, and drive. 
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What is your personal motto?

Aspire to Inspire. Never stop Learning. Keep Evolving. “

About Ashley B., MBA


My name is Ashley B. and I am a lifestyle blogger, YouTube vlogger, style consultant, and entrepreneur. Formerly known as Ashley Eaves, I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Growing up, I was always fond of the finer things that life has to offer. I’ve always felt that all women should want better for themselves in life, and I took it upon myself to incorporate this in all aspects of my life. I am a single mother to a 6 year old princess named Aubrey Skye, and she is my world! I currently work in higher education, and outside of my 9/5, I am focused on my brand/entrepreneurship. In my field, I help those who want to advance their education for higher opportunities. I also run a nonprofit known as the Julius Hill Congestive Heart Failure Foundation, Inc. I started this nonprofit in honor of my grandfather who passed away of heart failure in November of 2018. We organize events to educate our community on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I want my work and the content I create on my social media outlets to empower women to gain confidence within themselves in hope that this will positively impact the women of our generation.

Instagram: @LifeWithAshleyB
YouTube: Life With Ashley B
Facebook: Life With Ashley B
Twitter: LifeWithAshley_
Instagram: @JuliusHillCHFFoundation

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