W.O.W. CEO Nia Peters Partners With Authors Worldwide by Helping and Bringing Books to Life

Nia Peters is a woman with a vision to inspire and empower others. As an author, poet  and partner publishing consultant, she also is the founder of the company Words of A Woman, a platform dedicated to building authors from the ground up and publishing their stories. Nia and I discussed the startup of W.O.W. , the classic mistakes authors should avoid, and her new book :PM.

“Girl, don’t be selfish with your power, don’t be stingy with your platform, and don’t be quiet with your voice. “- Words of a Woman
Nia Peters. Author & CEO of WOW

Tell us more about WordsOfAWoman and what inspired it?

NP: “Words of A Woman is a publishing company dedicated to building authors from the ground up. It believes in authors keeping their royalties and integrity. Traditional publishing companies edit your manuscript until you hardly recognize it and take a sense of ownership through receiving royalties for your heard work. W.O.W was originally a journal line until I realized it was way bigger than that. I’ve been a writer since a child and then I became a poet wishing to be an author. My long term goal was to work in the publishing industry and I decided to go for it.”


 What are your favorite and least favorite parts about being an author, poet, and publisher?

NP: “My favorite parts about being a poet, author and publisher is the freedom and the dream. I’m able to be unapologetically me in each of these fields and its so empowering. Everybody doesn’t get to wake up and be themselves in their work place. Everybody doesn’t get to live out their passions. I really love the press opportunities, magazine features, and radio interviews never get old as far as being an author. Poetry wise, finding myself in my words NEVER cease to amaze me. I’m always so taken back by the way I can express myself. It feels like explaining “me to me” and that’s a level of understanding I can’t get anywhere else. My least favorite things would have to be difficult people. Sometimes I run into potential clients who just simply aren’t kind, very close minded, or very disrespectful of my time. Some people just don’t know boundaries in business and its not hard drawing the line. It’s hard getting people to see it and consistently acknowledge it.”

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received when you first started your brand?

NP: “Best piece of advice? That’s really hard. I can be honest and say I didn’t have that type of mentorship or support in the beginning. Those who supported were friends or family who weren’t in business so they didn’t have advice. I can say the best advice I received that later pushed me to start my business was from the best selling Author( and poet featured on Kanyes graduation project) J. Ivy.  He told me at a poetry showcase “The best thing you can do for yourself is brand you. When you’re A artist people want to hear your work, but when you’re a great artist people want to take something from you. You should always have product available because people will always want to hear more of you.” That was a game changer. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was a junior in high school at the time and after hearing that, I started working on my book and planning out what I wanted my brand to look like. I’ve exceeded those expectations because I thought so small of myself, but now I know the world is limitless so I have to do better consistently. “

What are some bible scriptures that are dear to your soul?

“Better to be thought of a fool then open up your mouth and prove you are one.” Has bridled my tongue and humbled me.- Proverbs 17:28

 “Don’t let people think less of you because you are young be an example to all believers in what you say, the way you live, your love, your faith and your purity”– Timothy 4:12

It has taught me age means nothing in all aspects and not to let elders make me feel like I had to dim my light.

 In moments of setbacks and adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

NP: “I turn to God. I turn to me. I turn to music, uplifting music specifically. I light a candle and I make understanding my process a ritual. I try not to get lost in the moment, but instead get lost in me. Sometimes we just need us. Showing up for yourself isn’t always easy, so I turn to God until I can.”



 What are some classic mistakes new authors make starting out and how can they avoid them?


1.) Only putting their books on amazon!! HUGE mistake! Amazon is not your home.  They promote Amazon, not you! All authors need a website where people can go find more about you and all your products.

2.) Not having content available as far as press, blogs, videos, reviews. If you want people to hear you, MAKE noise!

3.) Rushing. Take your time. Don’t rush the process just so you can say you’re an author. This is something that will be available forever. Make it count. When a woman goes through pregnancy, it takes 9 months for the baby to develop properly. If a baby comes before that nine months, something is bound to be wrong. Same rules apply when  you’re birthing a book.


 You have a new book out titled :PM. What is it about and what inspired you to write it?

NP: “:PM A Heart Bleeding at Bedtime is breakup book. It is a poetry collection divided into sections based on the healing process of a breakup. Post-moving on, Post-Makeup, and then :PM (nightime thoughts). I was in a really dark place and writing was all I really had to express myself. Poetry was the only thing holding me together. I turned inward and in the process of my digging and watering, this is what was produced. This was my harvest. I wanted women to be able to find peace in pieces of this book. That was the inspiration. That women everywhere could relate and then I’d feel like my heartache wasn’t in vain. If someone else could heal from my words, it was all worth it.”

 What is your personal and professional motto?


My mottos would have to be lessons my friends taught me.

“Show up for yourself.” Lexx taught me that one.

“ When going through something, magnify God and not ourselves.” -Granny Jones

“Give yourself wholeness, you owe it to you.” -Regan

 What does the world need more of? Less of?

NP: “The world needs more transparency and less judgement. Transparency is the freedom everyone is looking for. Countless honest moments with yourself and  with everyone else. It’s powerful. It’s like cleaning a mirror and seeing yourself for the first time. But so many are afraid of that because of judgment from others or themselves. The world needs more good friends. Good people bring out more good people. I started becoming my best self when I got around people who believed in me so much they held me accountable until I did too.”

What is your biggest goal for this year?

NP: “My biggest goal the year is tied between creating a panel for all my authors to discuss their books and relevant topics and a big press opportunity outside of Texas.”


 Name three interesting facts about yourself.


 I can freestyle poetry lol, its kind of dope!

I ghostwrite songs and books.

A perfect night for me is a throwback playlist, a lit candle, and fresh flowers in my vase alone.


About Nia Peters


Nia is a 20 year old force to be reckoned with. She has made a name for herself as a poet, and dropped her poetry collection Feather in Time August 25, 2018. Nia pours her heart on the pages of her book and just ask that you listen to it beat. She is a girl who has overcome adversity and fought for prosperity in the battle of her troubles. She is transparent in this book of love, real world issues, and wisdom as she believes it will allow others to heal. She has now stepped on the scene building authors & their brands at her company “Words Of A Woman”. W.O.W partners with authors world wide and helps them bring their books to life. Nia makes sure the author owns 100% of their stories, reaches their audience, and doesn’t have to share their royalties.


 Instagram: @Speakingofnia

Website: http://www.wordsofawoman.net

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