Life Talks with Laura Smartt


by Laura Smartt

Life, it can be one crazy adventure. One never ending journey and a roller coaster ride that you didn’t realize the impact it would have. It’s funny because life throws things at you that you never seen coming or it allows you to go through things you never imagined that you would go through. We can’t get around some of those things. We can’t go through them figuratively or under them. We must stand and know that God has us covered.

I recently embarked on a journey I always told myself I would never be in or I could never see myself in. I couldn’t understand how easily it happened to someone else until I realized how easy it was to get into it myself. I then realized that we judge people on certain aspects of their lives or certain things that may occur, and we feel by looking at their situation that it could’ve been avoided. I realized that until you’re standing in the situation, you’ll never realize how easy it is to be staring in the face at a situation you never should’ve been a part of yourself.

I could’ve made several excuses. I could cry and have a fit, but the truth is you know when you’re wrong, but your flesh will still allow you to do the very thing you knew was wrong. I’m not perfect. Although, a lot of people look at me as such. I am not. I will never be or proclaim to be. I am who I am.

But if you never learn from your mistakes, you’ll repeat them time and time again. Really, its not even a mistake anymore. You make a choice and that choice may cost you some things. Some people and you must deal with the choices that you make. You stand on those mistakes and you own them for what they are.

I’m learning this thing called life in all areas of my life. But if you had all the answers to life then we wouldn’t need God. I’m unclean, but I’m forgiven. It doesn’t matter if Man forgives you, but it matters if God forgives you. He always does.

The great thing about life is it is a teaching mechanism. It’s a process that allows you to lean along the way. So that you can teach someone else and vice versa. It’s about owning the things that you’ve done and not covering them up hoping that they will disappear. Things will get uncovered but I rather it be uncovered and not do it again than be covered and repeat the same mistake that never got uncovered.

I believe God will uproot everything in you when you’ve refused to acknowledge the bad in you. What’s life if you never learn to be uncovered so God can cover you back with the right garment.

I believe that everything we go through is apart of our testimony and God is always working on us. So, I choose to put my trust in Him, because without Him I’d probably still be in the world, complaining about the world, while living comfortably in it.

I’ve learned that life is a roller coaster that will take you up and down, side to side, try to drown you, it’ll make you feel like God is stripping you all in one ride. But once it stops, you’ll realize that life isn’t so bad after all.

-Laura S.


Contributor’s Bio


Laura Smartt is the creator of Raising Up Queens: Empowering The Queen In You. She resides in Huntsville working in healthcare and ministry. You can check out her blog at


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