Drinking During Business Hours: Sarah J. Halstead Talks Comedy, Podcasting,and Success



Sarah J. Halstead is a comedian, actor and podcaster. Born in Flint, Michigan, Sarah moved to New York shortly after high school, landing plum roles in theatre productions and network daytime dramas. She took a hiatus, however, when her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and it wasn’t till fairly recently that she relocated to Los Angeles to resume her acting career. Since then she’s appeared in over 80 commercials, along with a slew of guest-star roles in both film and television. She’s also launched an acclaimed standup career, performing regularly at The Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club and Laugh Factory. She’s the creator and host of the podcast Drinking During Business Hours, and her new podcast, Jimmy & Sarah on the Sunset Strip (co-hosted with Jimmy Shin), is a podcast of The World Famous Comedy Store. Sarah remains engaged in a variety of charitable pursuits, with a special focus on awareness of ovarian cancer as well as the Flint, Michigan water crisis.


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