Maura Chanz talks WOC, Glitter Hustle, and Entrepreneurship being a B***h

 As the founder of Tribe, how has it affected WOC around the globe?

Maura: “As the founder of TRIBE, I can proudly say TRIBE has served as a much needed community for Women of Color. From our digital content to our offline events, I’m seeing the connections of real women in real time. You may not vibe or connect with everyone, but women are building their own personal TRIBE’s through our platform.”

Being a creative hustler takes time and good time management skills! How do you prioritize your goals and things on your To-Do List?


Maura Chanz Washington, Tribe and AKIL Productions 


Maura: “I prioritize my goals and things on my to-do list by WRITING IT DOWN. Anyone who knows me knows that if it’s not written in my planner, it won’t happen. Once it’s written, I allow things to prioritize themselves. First comes WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO PAY YOUR BILLS…then once that’s taken care of I just move my way down the list. There are some things I try to make non-negotiables like working out, etc.”

What are the pros and cons of being an woman entrepreneur?

Maura: “The pros of being a woman entrepreneur are it’s liberating, you can craft a company culture that you as a minority are comfortable with, you’re in a position to bring new seats to the table…the cons, entrepreneurship is a BITCH. It’s hard. In the beginning it’s not stable. It doesn’t stop. It’s your baby, so you fear letting others hands’ touch it.”


You built a platform called “Blak Sheep” back in the day with Queen Sugar star Kofi Siriboe. How did that experience mold you for Tribe and other organizations you are currently involved in?

Maura: “Wow, I’m impressed that you know that! That was an amazing time. That experience taught me a lot about team work, honestly and pushing limits of creativity. We were like 16 years old, putting out content ahead of our time. Just the mission behind being a “blak sheep” is something I carry with me.”


What can we expect from you the remainder of the 2017?

Maura: “Well, I’m currently on Bossip on WEtv so you can definitely expect to see me there. Once S1 wraps, I don’t know what’s next. The show hasn’t allowed me to focus as much on Glitter + Hustle, but I’d like to begin doing creative consulting and taking on more by-referral clients. I’m speaking at a few large conferences this year and hopefully will also be putting out some original content.”

How was GlitterHustle started?

Maura: “Upon completion of her B.A. from Spelman College I set out to fill a void she felt was present in the corporate arena.  

I realized the tremendous potential I could unlock by being the change she wanted to see in the world, so I hired herself; it was here that Glitter + Hustle was born. Not only is the agency a reflection of my owner’s ambition, but also Glitter & Hustle prides itself on an unparalleled work ethic and uniquely crafted visuals that aid in the first-hand development of every client’s vision.”

maura chanz

On Wednesdays, we can catch you on Bossip and WeTv reigniting the spirit of tribal community in WOC! What did it take to get you to this point in your career?

Maura: “Time and consistency. I started my career at 13. I’ve been working towards all of this for almost a decade. From early commercials and have “under-five” roles to interning throughout college with the likes of BET, AKON, and more…I’ve just begin swimming in the direction of my dreams and let God order my steps.”

 What do you want people to remember about you? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind in this world?

Maura: “Woo. I want people to remember most importantly how I made them feel. People often say I inspire them and nothing makes me light up like hearing that.  My two passions in life are storytelling and black women, I want my legacy to be one that affirms, celebrates, and honors black women…through sharing our stories.”


Instagram: maurachanz

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