Danae Morgan Speaks on God, Art, and Purpose

 How long have you been painting and who are your influences? 

Danae: “Well, to be completely honest painting is a new creative outlet that I decided to invest effort into. About three weeks ago I was expressing to God how I felt no purpose in my life. I felt drained and empty. Within the next couple of days he put it on my heart to paint. I thought to myself “Paint? I am not sure if I am even good at that anymore?”. It had been years since I last painted. Regardless I knew I should listen.  I even had a clear vision of what it was I was supposed to paint (Painting titled “Prince of Peace”). Its been about two weeks now and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about painting. My desires changed. I went from wanting to get out of the house, calling my girlfriends asking to meet up for a drink & laughs, to just wanting to stay at home and paint. Even when I am a work I find myself pulling up google searching for artist and techniques. Painting brought me “back to life”. Actually, I take that back, God brought me back to life. He gave me a vision, trusting that gave me a purpose. “

What do you want people to know when they see your art?

Danae: “It’s all God. I don’t even know how I do it sometimes. I find myself staring at a blank white canvas, not knowing where to start. Then I just let my hand move (with the music). I usually start off painting something completely different then the finished piece. It is definitely a emotional process. It takes loyalty, passion and trust. Oh! and definitely patience! I am almost certain that is one reason God asked me to paint. Trusting him and having patience. Good things come… “
(Side note – each painting will have a cross in it, hidden or visible. Also, Iv’e had questions about my artist name/signature. I sign all my art “DAMO”. It is the first two letters of my first name & middle name. After deciding that this is how I was going to sign my art I google searched Damo. The first results were “Damo specifically refers to a class of servants” in the Korean society. This confirmed it for me, as I know I am here to serve. )

As a painter, is it hard to brand in the industry?

Danae: “Oh Man! I am not quite sure how to answer this question yet. Let me chat with God. I will let you know as soon as we work that out lol. “

Did you go to school for art or did you teach yourself?

Danae: “Art school? Does 7th grade count? Other than that I have been creating since I was a kid. Then life hit me. Distracted by relationships, chasing empty jobs (with no purpose) and finances. I lost my desire to create, my light dimmed. Every once in awhile I would get the urge to draw or paint but never stuck with it until now. It is almost as if God sat me down, told me to be still and do what he asked.”

Who are your favorite artists? Who would you like to work with?

Danae: “I am a fan of many artist, some well known  and others I’ve come to know via social media. Recently, I’ve been keeping my eye on Voka, who is a spontaneous realism artist. He has some pretty incredible pieces. “

Social media is a huge platform to display your work. Is it hard to still connect with other artists aside from social media?

Danae: “Social media, especially Instagram is a huge platform for artist. Within a week of posting my art I received messages and request from artist and even people who just admire and enjoy it. It is inspiring and provides support & encouragement. “

 What projects/events are you working on now?

Danae: “Current projects. Lets see, I have a few requests. One of them is a 60 x 45 of Maya Angelou. I have another for Bob Marley and Nas. Personally I want to start working on landscapes. I don’t have any events lined up at the moment and I am okay with that. In time, when God says I am ready it will come. “

What is the motto you live by?

Danae: I used to think I felt to much. Now I know why….Art is created by feeling.

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