Entrepreneur Catherine Soliz-Rey is a FIERCER Woman!

“What if we gave ourselves permission?” That is the question we should ask ourselves everyday. That is what entrepreneur Catherine Soliz Rey tells herself as she manages her successful empowerment company, Fiercer Woman. I caught up with Catherine as she talks about the definition of a fierce woman, how to build a successful platform, and how she balances business and personal relationships. 

What is your definition of a fierce woman? Tell us more about your platform. 


Catherine Ochun Soliz-Rey, Founder of Fiercer Woman
Catherine: “A fierce woman is a woman who is (or is working towards being) happy, fulfilled, bold, and passionate. She radiates confidence, and loves who she is now and who she is becoming while constantly looking to elevate every area of her life.
Fiercer Woman is about helping women to get out their own head, and get into action with becoming the woman they want to be, taking passionate leaps, and designing the life they want to have. I am known for creating bite-sized pieces of content to help women give themselves permission to great.”

More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs in this day and age. Why do you think entrepreneurship is becoming more appealing to us?

Catherine: “I think the internet has a huge part in this. The ease of accessing information (finding out what we need to start on an idea within minutes), and being able to see what is possible for other entrepreneurs on platforms like social media. It’s contagious seeing others go after their bold dreams; we’re rubbing it off on each other. More of us are realize the possibilities, and that we do not have to settle for the “normal route”. Another thing is, in todays world “lifestyle design” and working on your own terms is becoming popular and a key way to achieve that is through working for yourself making it a desirable route.”

It takes hard work and dedication to become a visionary. Briefly explain a typical day for you. Explain what people don’t tell you when you become an entrepreneur. 

Catherine: “A typical day starts for me starts with me first. The right state of mind is important for business, so when I wake up I meditate, pray, read, journal, and do visualization. After that I prepare for my day, and work either in the house or at a co-working spot in the city. I work on new content to put out, working on my offers (always making them better), tweaking my sales funnels and ads for conversions (since much of my income is from passive income streams), responding to my audience via social media, and following up with clients, or other contacts. Then I take the evening to whatever things I want, whether that’s a dance class, hanging with friends, watching power, or just being cozy with a book and tea. It’s important to me that I fill my schedule with things that truly bring me joy.
What people don’t tell you when you become an entrepreneur is to focus more on enjoying the process over the result. As ambitious people we are always striving for the next level and the next goal so if we depend our happiness upon hitting the next goal, we will never be happy. While goals are cool, it’s important to be present in the day to day too. Why be miserable during the process when it’s literally like over 90% of our lives. Hitting a goal happens in an instant while working towards one is usually an all the time thing.”

In your opinion, how does one stay relevant with their brand?

Catherine: “By showing up consistently with good content on which ever platform you’re focusing on, being authentic instead of blending into the crowd, and sharpening your craft all the time. I also think diversifying things are a while can help for example adding something new to your course or switching up the way put out your content.”

What podcasts/books have helped you climb higher in your brand?

Catherine: “I am not really a podcast listener but Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast and The School of Greatness Podcast has been a great resource for me.
As for Books, I read a lot but the books that have changed my life include The speed of implementation, the entrepreneur roller coaster, secrets of the millionaire mind, and The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck – which are not directly related to building a brand/business but about building your mindset which I truly believe is key.
Every month I’m reading something new and for August I am reading a book called Habit Stacking, so far so good.”

How do you balance a business, romantic relationship, friendships, and family?

Catherine: “By being present for each area, and also following a schedule. There was a time where I did not schedule anything but business then wondered why I never seemed to have time for anything else. It is important we design our life by being intentional about when and where we will make time for each area of our life that matters.”

What motto do you live by?

Catherine:  “Follow your truth.”


As an entrepreneur, being relatable to your audience is so important! What makes you relatable to other millennial women?

Catherine: “What makes me relatable is knowing what my audience is going through and being transparent. My audience is filled with entrepreneurs still trying to get their idea out the notebook, or still struggling through their inner crap, their doubts or bank account (lol!) and since I have been there I share my stories and they feel like “I get it”. I think too many influencers make the mistake of only showing their polished side, or the bits and pieces or just the glory of their story and so it blocks that relatability. 
Or they just don’t share more than “business” and if you want to be relatable you need to be more transparent than that surface.”

 What do you tell an entrepreneur who is struggling to make their financial goals?

1) Give people what they want.

Many products out there are just not “must have” offers. You’ve got to get into your audience’s brain and give them a dream solution that has really been on their mind.

2) Get your offer in front of people

How will you sell your products if you do not get them in front of people? This is something that blows my mind. That so many entrepreneurs complain they are not making money yet are not doing the work necessary to get their offer in front of people. 

 Who motivates to keep pushing your brand Fierce Woman?

Catherine: “My mother. She is my biggest cheerleader and believes in big dreams. She motivates me to keep pushing every time I speak to her. Secondly my audience motivates me. It took me a while to realize it but I building something bigger than myself.”


 I’m Catherine Soliz-Rey. A silly, keep it real New Yorker, who is in love with all things about elevation.

If you’re ready to start pressing the play button on becoming and living as the woman you want to be – then you’re in the right place. Fiercer woman is about elevating your happiness, good vibes, sexiness, fulfillment, sanity, passion, lifestyle, and everything fierce.

In early 2016 I realized I had become a burnt out and bored branding coach (my previous line of work as many of you ladies know).  

I hit a wall where I had finally hit my income goals and was “booked solid” but realized “ughhhh this can’t be life.” 

And I was living a life that wasn’t lighting me up. I had clients, and money coming in – yet I was feeling depressed, empty and out of alignment. I felt like I’d allowed business to take over my life. Just checking stuff off a list but not living fully.

I began wondering, what do I really want? and what if I got over my bullsh*t, just gave myself permission to do those things? How much more could I experience if I pressed the play button on true dreams, desires and ideas. 

So fiercer woman was born, a movement all around living and becoming the woman we want to be. 

I do not regret my journey working with branding clients. It helped me realize that in most cases we do not need more “marketing strategies” to elevate our life but need more belief, happiness, alignment, confidence, excitement, and inner work. 



Instagram: fiercecatherine

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