Shanell Rene Speaks on Abstinence: “You’re Worth The Wait”

Shanell Rene, Founder of Purity Points

You run a organization for youth called Purity Points. What is the mission you want to teach them?

S: “We want to teach and encourage that they are “Worth The Wait”. That simple. they do not have to conform to the worlds standard, but with Christ love the way they live their life can be the new standard. We teach them how to spiritually, logically and practically live a lifestyle of purity in today’s world.”
Shanell with Purity Points Organization


Many people think celibacy and purity is “old fashioned” and mock people who live this kind of life for Christ. Why do you think a lot of people don’t treat their bodies like temples?

 S: “I have NEVER.. met  a woman who was happy with the decision that they did not wait. The mocking comes from not knowing our worth and thinking it is impossible to wait.. We do not treat our bodies like temples because we simply do not know HOW. Christ love can show us.”


As a Christian woman, it is hard for you to stay celibate?

S: “Yes it is.. anything that is worth it has to be fought for.. The challenging part can be maintaining pure thoughts, or just waiting and growing impatient. We have to learn to Trust God.”


 What motivated you to start Purity Points?

S: ” I noticed that most women had a mentality that after sex it was okay to feel empty and a void. That this feeling was normal, and personally I realized that I didn’t want to feel that way any longer.”


 What levels do you want Purity Points to reach?

S: “I truly want Purity Points to be the new standard for living. For waiting to be the norm… I want to reach the world, from conferences to schools and universities.”


What is the most challenging thing you have experienced since you started Purity Points?

S: “Doing the work.. Purity is about allowing God to prune you and it’s uncomfortable at times. It can be uncomfortable for God to show you where and who you and are and then allow HIM to mold you into who He called you to be. It is a daily choice to make decisions that will get you closer to HIM. It is a daily surrender and focus on the larger picture of being prepared for greater, but it’s worth it.”

Settle or surrender? This term goes over some people’s heads. What does it mean to you?

S: “Settle of surrender is what can make this journey difficult. The life, career, city we live in or person we marry may not be what we dreamed. During your singleness God allows you to choose the life HE has for you or the life you have for you. The life we have planned is settling compared to the life HE has planned. Jeremiah 29:11”

What are some personal goals you have for yourself to become a better Christian every day?

S: “I honestly want to always be a light no matter what. Good day or bad day. I want people to leave my presence better than when they came.”



What is the bible scripture that reminds you why you chose to root for God?!

Psalms 84:11- For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. ❤

Shanell Rene is woman who roots for other women. Who never wants them to feel defeated and wants them to know and understand Christ love for them. She has a Business Law degree, loves entrepreneurship and investing. She grew up in San Diego California and after being diagnosed and healed with Pre-cervical cancer she knows that life is precious. She is a self-proclaimed tomgirl who loves jeans and a t-shirt and her favorite accessory is a hat.

Instagram: puritypoints

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