Rockstarr Styles

Meet Rocky! 


I’m Kimquil “Rocky” McDowell. I’m an upcoming hairstylist in the Houston area. I’ve been licensed a little over a year now. When people think of hairstyling they think “oh, anyone can do hair.” There are challenges and obstacles when starting any business. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed styling and braiding my friends’ hair which grew into a love for the craft. I’ve now developed a plan to invest in myself and I am eager to master it. Since graduating school, I’ve quit and tried again several times. Being that I’m a mother, sacrificing isn’t always an option. I can tell you that she is my motivation. I can’t let my daughter see me quit. So I do a little at a time. Coming to a new city, I’ve noticed opportunity everywhere. I’ve been reading a lot on successful hairstylists. I am currently mastering the trending styles and creating a few of my own. I’m doing better than ever. At this time in my career, my #1 priority is making my clients love themselves and realize the importance of taking care of self. Self worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don’t feel good about you, it’s hard to feel good about anything else.


meet rocky

Rocky’s 10  HAIR FACTS

1. Becoming a hairstylist is an INVESTMENT

2. If you want to be successful you must learn to sacrifice time and money
3. It’s a self taught profession.
4. School ONLY teaches you the basic necessities to pass state board.
5. You won’t be as great as you think you are starting fresh. 
6. Everything isn’t for every one, figure out what you’re good at and run with that. 
7. Building and keeping clientele takes time and effort. 
8. If you’re ever offered the opportunity to shadow someone, take it. It’s not as easy as it seems and learning never stops in this industry. 
9. Current Stylist should be more open to the previous fact. 

Natural hair straightened and styled by Rocky


Halo Braid 

business card

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