I’m a Horrible Christian

This morning, I was driving home from work and I thought to myself, “I’m a horrible Christian sometimes.” This doesn’t mean I’m a  horrible person, but I don’t always live up to the standards Jesus wants for me. Sure, I have a heart of gold and I try to do right by people. Sometimes, the flesh takes over me and I want to get revenge on people instead of letting God handle it. I think to myself: I’m such a horrible Christian. I’m not perfect. I sin everyday. I forget to pray sometimes and I use to live a life of doubt. But my Father is forgiving and everlasting! I have all reasons to give God the glory. I may not always do the right things, but I am still his child! How good it feels to know someone still loves you even when you mess up over and over again. As a Christian trying to be more like Christ every single day, I jotted down some things I need improvement in my Christian walk.

1.) I don’t pray enough. I get mad and pout when Jesus takes too long to answer my prayers. Jesus died for my sins, so I should give him the glory always. There is no such thing as a bad day especially when I wasn’t the one who had to die just so I can have eternal life.

2.) I forget how blessed I am. Some days, I don’t thank Jesus just for having clothes on my back. It may seem like a small thing, but everybody is not fortunate to have the things I  have. Every time I think my life is tough, I remember somebody else has it worse than me.

3.) I forget to thank God for the pain in my life. I know I probably confuse you with this one. I mean, who actually likes being in pain? But we must also remember that pain always brings us lessons. And lessons makes us wiser to know to not make the same mistakes again.

4.) I need to practice my PATIENCE. Lord, give it to me because I have NONE when it comes to certain areas in my life. It is definitely a virtue when used right. Good things come to those who wait. God never forgets about us and he hears out prayers. But we don’t get things and confirmations on our time, but HIS.

5.) I have to learn to do the things I don’t want to do in grace. That might mean working at a job I’m not too fond of or doing an assignment God ordered me to do that I’m not too happy about. As his children, we are disobedient and stubborn sometimes. Allow me to pray for strength to get through everything even in “uncomfortable grace.” Even when I don’t feel like smiling, I need to remember this too shall pass.

6.) Death  is in the power of the tongue. I need to stay blessed and never stress. Give me the ability to keep my temper in check when the enemy tries me!  Lord, allow me to think more before I speak. You created me, so you know how I am LOL. Everything I say and do will have a reaction, good or bad.

7.) Help me to pray more for my enemies (especially the ones I don’t know) and the people who hurt me in the past. If I’m living a life for you, I don’t have time for drama. I’m here to bless others just like you bless me.

8.) Help me to understand more that everything is in your will. EVERYTHING.

9.) I need to stop procrastinating on things I know I’m supposed to do. If I don’t order my steps in his word, I may lose my vision. Without a vision, the people perish.

10.) Last but not least, stop complaining to you and asking “Father, why do I have to do this? Why does it have to be me?” It’s me for a reason…

Whoever is reading this, I encourage you to write down a few improvements you can make in your Christian walk. Read it from time to time to see what areas you improved in and what areas you need to pray the most on. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF!





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