What God Taught Me in 2015

Whew! 2015 will be a year to remember. It’s going by so fast and I’m grateful for all the tests, confirmations, and trials I went through. I only have one word to describe this year…and that is GROWTH. If I had to scale this year, I would say the good did outweigh the bad. Even though this year wasn’t all peaches and cream, I did develop a more personal relationship with God. I always had a relationship with him, but this year was about growth for me on so many levels. I had to learn how to grow in faith. In patience. In peace. In kindness. In love. 2015 was not a fairy tale year for me. It was hell during the storm and finally sunshine when the year is about to end. I met someone back in late 2014 who I thought would be the one and I ended up with a broken heart this year when it didn’t work out. I suffered depression. I made bad decisions and ended up disappointing myself. My bills were always paid, but I struggled to make finances work for my writing career moves. I told God I know I am not just working to pay bills for the rest of my life! I was filled with sadness inside because I felt like I wasn’t where I was supposed to be in life. Here I was experiencing people my age getting pregnant, married, graduating..HAPPY..and I was still lost. For a couple of months, I felt like I was in a standstill season. Nothing was happening. I was still writing, but I was uninspired. My mindset this year was: “I love Jesus, but I’m such a bad Christian!” I noticed I was only really praying when I was going through the ringer and forgetting to praise through the good times. I told myself, “I can do so much better than the level I’m on now!”

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.- Romans 8:18

It’s December 16 now. As I look back on the year (good and bad), I know God put me through everything to make me stronger. To increase my faith so I can greatly fulfill my purpose. The VISION he gave me was to inspire and impact others. With a job like that, I have no choice but to be strong! This year, I created #ZipPost and this website. It gave me an opportunity to bless others in ways I will never know. It still baffles me how women my age come to me and say I’m an inspiration. I ask myself, “But how? I am nowhere near where I want to be in life.” Then I remember that its not about where I’ve been, but its where I’m going. With the grace of God, nothing can stop what he has promised me. The six hardest lessons I will cherish about 2015 is:

  • If it’s not something dealing with God or my goals, I can’t entertain it.
  • Patience is a virtue. I’m done with men sent from the enemy. Never will I fall for a man who didn’t get permission from God to seek me. The next man who gets my heart will be my future husband. Period.
  • Always cherish the small things. What we take for granted is probably somebody’s death wish. 
  • Never be afraid when God tells you to do something. Never be afraid when he calls you out. Your vision will not match your finances, but God doesn’t want it to. That’s when your faith steps in!
  • Never depend on my own understanding. I might not understand it now, but those doors closed in my life for a reason.

I thank God for the lessons of 2015. I’m thankful for the people he kept and the people he removed. 2016 will be about ELEVATION, PROSPERITY, and pleasing my Heavenly Father more.

Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

God bless.


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  1. Christal Barnes says:

    Amen!That powerful and I stand in agreement with you cousin!2016 is going be a year of elevation and growth. Looking forward to reading your book.


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