Serial Entrepreneur Alandria Lloyd Assists Aspiring Authors To Publishing Without Breaking The Bank

Serial Entrepreneur Alandria Lloyd is the owner of a book publishing company, The Writer’s Block LLC. which assists aspiring authors by teaching them how to write their book in record breaking speed and become published authors without breaking the bank. She offers online writing classes, book consults, book coaching sessions, publishing packages, and more. I had the pleasure to catch up with Alandria as we chatted about The Writers Block, successful branding strategies that she applies to her businesses, and 5 powerful tips that aspiring & new authors  should know before publishing a book. 

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the weak.“- Alandria Lloyd

Alandria Lloyd, Serial Entrepreneur & Life Coach

 How long have you been an author and what inspired you to start writing? 

AL: “I’ve been an author for 3 years now. I’ve always been a writer. Writing has always been and in most cases still is my therapy. I used to suffer from anxiety, so writing my feelings became a form of therapy for me. “

Name 5 powerful tips aspiring authors should know before publishing their first book.

1. Don’t overthink. Write from your heart, not your head.
2. Don’t edit while writing. It can be challenging, but editing while writing can slow you down. Edit on the back end.
3. Someone is waiting on your story to be published, so don’t keep the people waiting.
4. Don’t expect support from everyone you know. Most times, support will come from complete strangers.
5. Set a goal to complete the entire process within 6 months.

In moments of adversity and setbacks, how do you build yourself back up?

AL: “Prayer and more prayer. I also remember my “why”, which is my 16 year old son. He’s always watching, so I can’t afford to let him see me quit.”

What do you think it takes to run a successful business?

AL: ” It definitely takes consistency and tough skin. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the weak. You must be mentally tough and a lifelong learner.

What’s the best piece of advice you received when you first started your business?

AL: “Never focus on the “wins” because placing too much focus on the wins can become a distraction. Distractions will cause you to lose.”

Who is a woman whom you look up to and admire?

AL: Jesseca Dupart -She has an awesome brand and a huge heart.
I admire all single mothers who are constantly striving for greatness. Those who don’t allow the circumstances of life to cause them to fold under pressure.”

What are your biggest goals for the 3rd quarter of 2019?

AL: “My goals for the 3rd quarter include: earning 6 figures, participating in more outreach activities, and traveling more.”

What is your personal motto that you live by?

“If God brought me to it, He will surely bring me through it”

 What are some marketing/branding strategies that hasn’t let you down in your business? 

AL: “Consistency is key! Providing great customer service has never let me down. Many former customers refer my services to their friends. Which increases revenue in my business.”


About Alandria Lloyd

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Alandria Lloyd is a serial entrepreneur, self-published author, and certified life coach.  She is the author of:

  • Change AGENT: The Missing Piece
  • Fasting For Change Prayer Journal,
  • While I’m Waiting Devotional for Single Women.
  • Letters To My Future King
  • Girl Power Uncensored (co-author)
  • Dear Young Woman (to be released Fall 2019)

Alandria tries to encourage everyone she meets to share their testimonies in the form of a book. She has suffered many trials but has found solace in sharing her stories within the pages of her books. She is a living, breathing testament that God will give beauty for ashes. Alandria resides in Hammond, La with her teenage son. She lives life on purpose and is determined to fulfil her God-given destiny.

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