Hello, December: Lemons turning into Lemonade, and other *tings

Hey my loves,

As we wind up the last month of 2018, I can’t help but to think, where did the year ago?!! For me personally, this year wasn’t the best, but it definitely wasn’t the worst! I struggled with a lot mentally, going back and forth fighting my flesh, until I got to a place where I started recognizing my light again.

Then there was the good… I got closer with God, strengthened my friendships, spent more time with family, expanded my brand/team, and I shedded 40lbs through all the chaos of 2018! Won’t he do it!

But frfr, 2018 taught me a lot and some of the lessons were hard to swallow…at first. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you go through storms and it seems like the sun isn’t coming anytime soon. But…won’t he do it again!

And he does it over and over again. God never ceases to amaze me.

This year:

I saw my trials turn into testimonies.

Lessons turning into blessings.

And lemons turning into lemonade.

And all of this happened to get me aligned with what I’m going after in 2019.

I already told myself I’m not doing the “new year, new me” and “New year’s resolutions” for 2019 because the truth is, things change and I don’t know what God has in store for me. Instead, I will seek him for all the choices I make and make “daily resolutions” to become a better person everyday.  I started journaling more, which has been a tremendous help with the alignment of my goals and not getting distracted so easily by things that aren’t relevant. I’ve also been reading “The Me Project” by Kathi Lipp, a 21 day project that breaks down small goals to complete  to reach the life you’ve always wanted. In project three, she talks about- who do we listen to? We have the power to decide how to react to the information that goes into our brain, but we often choose to remember the one negative remark someone made about us, instead of the thousand compliments from people who think we are great. Once you tell yourself you can do it and really mean it, that’s when the lemonade making starts.

I started making lemonade for 2019 when I wrote my new poetry Ebook titled, “i have a poem”, a collection of poems written by me discussing life &lemons, heartache, and the beauty of love.

“i have a poem…” is available for pre-ordering!  Click below to order your copy!


Here are 4 things I’ve been hooked on in December!

1 & 2. ) CRWN Mag & Werk Mag (magazines created by women of color!) So much positivity between the pages. I’m waiting for my issue of crwn to come in the mail this week!



3. Baby (a Netflix series.)  I randomly came across this show and I was skeptical at first because I thought it was your typical show about high schoolers…boy, I was wrong. After watching the first episode, I was sucked in even though the show is getting a lot of controversay.  Season 1 is streaming now!


4.) Candy Cane Beignets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A friend of the family made some candy cane Beignets after she found a recipe on Bombshellbling.com. They were amazing! I added the link to the recipe in case you decide to get festive! Candy-Candy-Beignets-Recipe-3



May 2019 bring you abundance, love, and light!

You can find me on Facebook or IG doing my thang under the handle, Oprah Zip Bradford. I would love to hear your thoughts about my new ebook, “i have a poem” that’s available for pre-order now and releasing on 12/7! (Link is in the middle of the blog post)

Until next time,

Zip. ❤️

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