Calligrapher Eunice L. Talks Business, Tackling Goals, and the Challenges of Success

When I first stumbled on the bubbly, talented calligrapher Eunice L, I instantly became a fan! From seeing her work in books such as Say What’s Real 1&2 to making beautiful watercolors for clients, Eunice is a woman who truly goes after what she wants, and she says it all starts with setting goals with deadlines! I caught up with Eunice as we discussed her striving business, personal motto, and future projects.


  How long have you been in the lettering business and what motivated you to start?

E: “I started lettering in November 2014 and the last 3 years have flown by! I didn’t actually start being able to produce custom products for clients until middle of 2015. Honestly, my commitment to posting on Instagram is what allowed me to build a client base, and when people started to ask for custom orders, I fell in love with creating items for people that had so much meaning and thoughtfulness behind them! Since then, I haven’t been able to say no and it’s taken me on a fun and colorful ride!”

 When did you start calligraphy? What the most challenging part about it?

E: ” I’ve always leaned more into the creative side and took art and music classes as a kid. Growing up, I loved drawing, painting and eventually DIY-ing everything! I also loved lettering on anything I could get my hands on, so when calligraphy classes started to pop up here and there, I knew I wanted to take one! I took a Modern Calligraphy Pointed Pen class and fell in LOVE. Writing with a pointed pen is NOT easy, but the results are beautiful and incredibly satisfying! It was definitely a challenge learning how to write with a pointed dip pen from understanding nib sizes and styles, to hand placement and consistency. I’d say the biggest challenge is building steady strength in your writing hand as well as writing with consistency – which all takes an immense amount of repetitive practice. The next biggest challenge is commitment and patience. You won’t get lettering down on day 1, but you WILL see progress if you’re committed, practice everyday and do your research! I found so much of my inspiration online and on Instagram, and found myself constantly looking for calligraphers and artists who I could follow to learn tips, strategies and product advice from! The bottom line is that you can do ANYTHING as long as you put your mind, time and patience into it. “

 I’m pretty sure you have worked with a lot of authors and graphic designers. Who are some people you have worked with?

E: “One of my favorite people I’ve worked with is Melissa Molomo of @misssaywhatsreal and author of Say What’s Real and Say What’s Real 2! She found me in my beginning stages of lettering, had faith in me, encouraged me and brought my work to light in her second book, and on her Instagram page. She is truly an inspiration from her writing, passion, love for life, and her ability to bring others up! I owe a lot of my success to her! “

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Who are your major influences and why? 

E: “My parents are a huge influence in my life as they immigrated to the US from Taiwan in their 20’s. I am in awe of their grit, strength, bravery and can only hope that my husband and I can come somewhere close to being wonderful parents as they have been to me. My parents also have inspired me in my art and lettering. My mom was such a large proponent of my desire for the arts: she enrolled me in a Chinese calligraphy classes, art classes, piano and violin lessons and more. She focused on keeping me inspired and creatively stimulated in the precious years of growing up. My Dad is a prime example of outstanding workmanship and craftiness. My dad is an electrical engineer, so you will find him tinkering with gadgets, working in his wood shop at our home, being crafty and trying to figure out how all things work. My dad also used to create the signs at my childhood church making him quite a student of typography! And remember guys, back then there were no iPad Pro’s or computers, so he did everything with a ruler and a pencilMy parents through their actions remind me that hard work pays off, how beautiful this world is and how blessed we are to create! My other influences and artists are Kelly Mindell and her husband Jeff Mindell of @studioDIY, Joy from @ohjoy, Jenna Rainey of @monvoirco, Anna Rifle of @riflepaperco and many more!”

 “A goal is a dream with a deadline” seems to be your motto. How do you stick to this when you set goals for yourself?

E: ” Dreams are never to be ignored and I’ve learned that with hard work and commitment, anything is possible. Many think that giving yourself a deadline means that you may be setting yourself up for failure – but instead, why not just move the deadline? From a true procrastinator, I need deadlines and concrete markers for me to make sure that I’m on track!”

Tell us a typical day in the life of Eunice!

E: ” I work full time for a higher education program where I’m able to work with talented college students and creative colleagues. Our entire company is virtual, so I also get to work from my home office where from 8-5pm, I’m on video calls, creating content and typing away on my computer! Once the workday is over, my home office turns into my studio and the paints come out! I typically work one 1 or 2 projects a night whether it be for clients, gifts, events, and more! Sometime in there I squeeze in a barre workout, a walk with my dog, and dinner with my hubby!”

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What are some projects you’re working in? 

E: “Right now, I’m working on several wedding designs such as wooden welcome signs, a 22×30 watercolor marbled California as guestbook for guests to sign, table numbers and more! As a personal project, I’m preparing to do some minimal re-branding with my website and personal prints that I send out with my orders and give with my workshop packages!”


What is important to remember when you set goals for yourself?

E: “It’s important to remember that just because you didn’t meet a goal, doesn’t mean you’re not a success. Many times I get orders from clients to paint things or make things I’ve never made before. Naturally, I can feel nervous about these orders, but I remind myself that taking on these challenges are what betters me, adds more to my portfolio and gives me experience! All it takes is research, practice and being realistic with yourself! So – don’t be afraid to tackle a goal that may seem out of this world, even if you only make it halfway up the mountain, you can learn from that situation. Do your diligence in preparing better for next time, and then aim to hit that goal! ”
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instagram: @electriceunice

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