Britney Harris on Branding and Going the Extra Mile

As we are approaching 2018, the goal is to be ready for 2018. For some people, this means buckling down on certain goals or attaining new ones to accomplish. Some of us might need a push to get to the next level of our lives! Britney Harris, a millennial speaker, empowers unfulfilled millennials to discover purpose and pursue passion. 

I see you are all for the millennials! What do you think makes us different from other generations? 

BRITNEY: “I love millennials because we are incredibly creative. Have you seen social media? Even the memes are A1 these days! I think that creativity differentiates us the most. The way we conduct business, communicate and live our lives is like no other generation. We’re  not tied to tradition and we’re constantly challenging the status quo. “

What tactics do you use to step out of your comfort zone?

BRITNEY: “I have to  remind myself of what’s on the other side of that comfort zone. When I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone, I keep reminding myself of the rewards and allow that to drive me. I also enlist the help of trusted voices to help me move forward and hold me accountable. “

There is a purpose for brokenness. I saw this live sermon you did called “Broken Crayons Still Color” and man it was amazing! What do you do during the times you feel broken?

BRITNEY: “Whenever I’m feeling broken I simply allow myself to feel it. Sometimes, we (women especially) get caught up in our superhero complex. We think we have to be strong all of the time and that’s not true. I first allow myself to feel the brokenness because I can’t heal what I won’t confront. Then, I pray about it and ask God for guidance/clarity/healing. It’s super taboo in the black community but after I pray, I visit my therapist and we strategize together to overcome the brokenness.”

Where do you see your brand going in the future?

BRITNEY: “I’m so happy you asked. I see my brand reaching millions of people world wide, millennials or not. I would definitely love to partner with school districts to have my products apart of their curriculum.  I see myself coaching, training,  creating a foundation for teens, authoring books for adults AND children and I even see tv in my future. =)”

As an entrepreneur, name a few women who inspire you to keep going.

BRITNEY: “MICHELLE OBAMA! Her elegance and intellect inspires me.  I love that outside of being the first lady, she created a name and identity for herself.  Lisa Nichols and Sarah Jakes Roberts are EVERYTHING! They’re both eloquent orators who I frequently listen to and are the epitome of resilience.  Beyonce, because who doesn’t she inspire?
But the G.O.A.T. Is my mama. My mom could have everything handed to her in life but would still choose to work, which I admire. Her work ethic alone has taught me to never feel entitled,  that no one owes me anything and I am responsible for my success.”

 What are your favorite bible verses(s)?

BRITNEY: “My favorite bible verse is James 1:2-3 “count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”
When life gets tough this verse serves as my anchor.  It reminds me to embrace the trials because it’s making me patient and stronger.

 As a Christian woman, how do you remain focused on God despite the world’s distractions?

BRITNEY: “PRAYER!  So much prayer. I pray anytime, anyplace for anything. When I notice myself getting off course I talk to God. I also like to find devotions/youtube videos that are tailored to whatever I’m going through. I am extremely visual so I have to write out scriptures on sticky notes and keep them near at all times. When I feel myself drifting, I look around me and I’m instantly redirected to His will for me.”

You seem so collected when you speak! How do you overcome the fear of public speaking?

BRITNEY: “Believe it or not I still get anxious before I speak. My hands get sweaty and sometimes I cry. What has helped me to overcome my nerves with public speaking the most is regarding speaking as service and not a performance. When it’s a performance, I’m focused on me-  Will the crowd like me?  Will they think I’m funny or doing a good job?  That thought process puts the pressure on me. When I consider it service, It lessens the pressure. My only goal is to relay the message to my audience effectively, therefore my focus becomes outward, alleviating all fear and stress.”

 Being an unfulfilled millennial has its rough moments. What are some times God stepped in and showed out?

BRITNEY: “GIIIIIIIIIIRL!  Toxic relationships and people who don’t mean any good. God literally moved them out of my way without me having to life a finger. He has shown out the most in my career, though. I was  stuck, lost, hopeless and going through the motions of life. I had no idea what I wanted to do while my friends were excelling so I began entertaining things that I had no true passion for. I almost failed out of grad school and during that process  my eyes and heart were opened to pursue motivational speaking.  I was so focused on figuring out my path when the path was before me all along. Since then,  I’ve been on many stages and even spoke alongside Michelle Obama! “

 2017 has been the season of YES! What have you said yes to this year that you were scared of doing before?

BRITNEY: “I’ve said yes to saying no. I’ve said  yes to doing what makes me happy, regardless of what anyone thinks. I’ve said yes to walking away from people and situations that are not for me.  I am not a woman of conflict…I hate it actually so I often found myself minimizing my feelings to protect the feelings of others. They’d be happy but I was empty. This year I’ve focused primarily on creating an environment of peace and saying yes to honoring myself, even if it meant cutting people off. “
Oh, and skydiving! =)


Britney Marie Harris is an Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, dedicated to helping Unfulfilled Millennials overcome the status quo by gaining clarity, identifying and conquering self-limiting beliefs, while being courageous. Britney knows all too well about courage. In the fall of 2013 she had an experience, which confirmed her life’s mission and message. Despite her fears, she took a leap of faith and moved to China, alone, for one year. As a result of that transformation, Britney founded The Unfulfilled Millennial, created to empower, encourage and equip individuals to become Fearless and Free. She has since traveled around the country speaking to different audiences and most recently spoke alongside Issa Rae, Bozoma Saint John and Former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Britney has earned a Master of Science in International Relations and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


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  1. Quinia morning says:

    Britney Marie Harris is a great example to young and older women trying to find their direction in life. She encourages you to pursue your dreams by overcoming your fears by allowing courage to help you find your way. Anyone can achieve whatever they put their minds too!! Awesome interview.


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