Essence Hayes Making Black Girl Magic

Essence Hayes


Essence Hayes, the owner of EssenceMurjani Jewelry, is creating major buzz for her popular gold filled necklaces that were featured in Essence Magazine.  Her handmade necklaces are being worn by celebrities such as Danielle Brooks and Chloe x Halle. I had a chance to catch up with Essence and see what this amazing entrepreneur has in the store for the #BlackGirlMagic movement.


1)      When did you start making jewelry?

Essence: I started making jewelry late 2014. I was wire wrapping crystals then and started a small business out of it. I had just been fired earlier that year and needed to be able to support myself.  Then came the gold filled necklaces and the rest is history.

2)      How has #Blackgirlmagic impacted you and your brand?

Essence: When I initially started stamping gold filled plates, I was stamping in affirmations.  I started out making necklaces for myself, what I wanted to wear. Then #BlackGirlMagic started trended more and I wanted to wear that around my neck. When I posted a photo of one on social media, everyone loved it. It truly makes my day to see how people respond to the necklaces. The personal stories behind what #BlackGirlMagic means to them.

essence 2

3)      What are your hobbies?  

Essence: These days sleeping has become a hobby lol I enjoy painting when Im trying to relax. I started painting some of my jewelry boxes and it helps me relax. I turn on my music and just go.

4)      What is your mission?

Essence: My mission is to take up space in industries that are not inclusive and often exclude black and brown women.  I want women to be able to purchase and wear jewelry and accessories that resonate with them. Rather than having to settle for something generic. Everything Ive done and will do solves a problem that I had. I wasn’t able to find a necklaces that I truly wanted to wear, so I made them.

5)      What can people expect from this year? Any future projects?

Essence: This is really my first year with EssenceMurjani Jewelry and I cant believe how well its taken off. I will be working on adding silver and rose gold to the line as well as more phrases to the line up.

Essence Hayes

Owner, EssenceMurjani Jewelry 
IG: @EssenceMurjani

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