Woman of Purpose: Mykel Trent

Mykel Trent

Mykel Trent, originally from Winnsboro, Louisiana, started out in the art world as a dancer at the age of 4. She attended Miss Tommie’s School of Dance and was a dancer for two years at Franklin Parish High School. Mykel has also attended Nix Performing Arts School in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has a BS in Communication Arts Theatre from Troy University. Throughout her college career, due to be an army child, Mykel attended University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Troy University at Dothan, and Troy University at Troy. She has lived and travelled to many places. During her college years, Mykel studied playwriting and directing closely. Education-wise, she has taken courses like Makeup Technique, Stage Makeup, Movement for Actors, Acting I, Lighting Design, Costume Design, etc. She received a minor in broadcast journalism. Mykel has also dabbled in film and TV work. She has appeared on MTV’s True Life, VH1’s Hindsight, and has done some acting work for the 2016 film Fantastic Four. She is also quite relevant in the natural hair world. Mykel, also known as YouTube sensationMeek Fro, appears on some of the most popular haircare and hair inspiration site and media platforms. She also blogs for Blackhairinformation.com, Urbangyal.com, Trashyvana.com, and Voiceofhair.com. She is one of the lovely ambassadors of Voiceofhair, an extremely popular hair website many go to for hair inspiration. Mykel currently resides in Enterprise, AL where she does social media work for various companies. In her spare time, she continues to do what she loves: dancing, singing, traveling, blogging, photography, poetry, extra work, and pursuing a creative career.

 Mykel’s Plans After Graduation:


“As of now, I’m in tune and listening for God to direct my path. I have many skills and talents, which makes it extremely hard to choose a path. Hopefully I’m able to continue what I am doing but on a bigger scale: specializing in social media, art, marketing, advertising, and creative services. I’ve got interviews lined up for these types of jobs in both Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Hopefully I make the right decision.”
IG: @MykelTrent
Snapchat: Gigglingmeekie

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