Catching Up With P: Focused on God

How to Remain Focused On God

by Penelope Christian


My answer is very simple, and even I in the past made it harder than it  really was…

1) Renew Your Mind

2) Know that God is constantly focused on you!

Renew your mind on The New Testament on a daily basis. With anything, the thing that you put the most energy into is the thing that you will focus on the most. So with God, staying focus on The New Covenant, and what Jesus did for us on the cross is how you stay CONNECTED to the source. God is FOR us, not AGAINST us. How do we know that? Well, look at Jesus!  When you meditate/focus on what Jesus actually did at the cross, and what it means for all of us then you will realize that God really, truly LOVES US.

1 John 4:19 (AMP)

19 We love Him, because He first loved us.

Fitting The Word, specifically the New Testament, into your daily life will constantly keep you aware of God’s presence in your life! That will make your day better, your feet lighter, and your spirit fed. Before you know it, you’ll grab The Word and read a few scriptures because that’s your pick-me-up, your starter for the day, your afternoon snack, or therapy for a certain situation. When what Jesus did for us, and how we now are living in him and through him becomes real to you, your focus will never leave! 

Suggested Reading: Start in Romans!  (Amplified Version)

Suggested Times of the day for a few scriptures: Sometimes we all need a reminder or quick boost of God’s love. You will personally figure out when is the right time to get a dose, but here are a few suggestions.

-When you wake up

 -Middle of the day

– Before you go to sleep



Penelope Christian

Freelance writer Penelope Christian’s first love is fiction. She often credits nature,  random happenings at the airport, and quirky personalities as her creative muses. Her debut novel, Coffee & Cream, is publishing in 2016. For more updates, stay connected!

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