Stylist Jhanae Peyton on The Art of Entrepreneurship and Balancing Life & Business

As the owner of Xpressions Salon and Barber Studio alongside with her husband, Jhanae Cherry Peyton is no stranger to hard work as she lives a life balancing running a business, being a wife, and raising a family. Jhanae and I met a few years ago and she is definitely a person I admire as she makes the road of entrepreneurship look “easy” to the human eye. We caught up and chatted about her passion as a stylist, how she balances life and business, and her definition of success which is “never stopping.”

Jhanae Cherry Peyton, Xpressions Salon & Barber Studio

What inspired you to become a stylist? 

JP: “I could remember I’ve always had an interest in hair and beauty, but my inspiration came from my aunt Katriche who was a fashionista and amazing hair stylist.”

 What’s the biggest lessons and sacrifices you’ve made in your line of business? 

JP: The biggest lesson is to never make things personal in business. My husband and I put others wants and desires before our own needs and its because we have big hearts for people, but business is business. As for sacrifices, we have made so many. When you’re in business, there is always a sacrifice rather it be big or small. My husband and I started our business  and family all at the same time so there were sacrifices we both had to make as partners and parents. That also determined how our business went as a couple.”

As a wife and mother, how do you manage to balance life and running a business? 

JP: “I will not lie…it is HARD but exciting at the same time! Being a mother is such a blessing and having an awesome husband to help makes things a lot easier. Balancing and praying is the key to it all. Keeping God and Jesus first helps keep me with a refreshed and clear mind. With being a wife, mother, and business owner all I can say is prayer helps me tremendously.”

You run your business with your husband barber Leon Peyton which is a blessing! How have you two grown with each other in the business you’ve built together? 

JP: “It is a blessing. We have grown in so many ways. We have learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses in business. As the years have passed, accepting our strengths has made us a stronger couple and business partners.”
Jhanae with husband Leon Peyton

 How would you define success? Has a mistake ever led you to success? 

Success to me is being able to accomplish your goals without repeating mistakes. Success isn’t where or how you start. It is where and how you finish. As long as you never give up and learn from your mistakes, you will be successful. Mistakes has really grown our business. When you mess up, you do not want to go down the same road so you tend to find what will work and  you go for it.”

What’s the best advice you have for someone who hasn’t discovered their purpose yet?

JP: Seek God! Everything you need is already inside of you. Believe in yourself. That burning desire you have is more than likely your purpose. Don’t be scared to go for it. Always remember the faith isn’t what the eyes can see.  Just do it.

What is your personal and professional motto?

 “Right is right and wrong is wrong.”
“Business is business. “

Who are some people you admire or people who have shared gems that has helped your business grow?

JP: I would have to say Willie and Katina Brooks. They have always been there for us.
I could go on and on because they helped us so much.

 What is your biggest goal this year? 

JP: my biggest goal this year was to put up 10,000k. To some, it may be small but for me its a big accomplishment.

 What does the world need more of? Less of?

JP:  More LOVE and less hatred.

About Jhanae Cherry Peyton


Xpressions Salon & Barber Studio
1645 North Hwy 190 Suite 900
Covington, Louisiana 70433
(985) 285-9597

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