Evelyn From The Internets Talks About Series “Say It Loud” and Running a Creative Business

Evelyn is an Austin, TX-based video producer and Internet personality. From not-so-serious beauty tutorials and cultural critiques to humorous takes on somber current events, she strive to inspire and entertain viewers, including Beyonce who featured her Lemonade review on the Formation World Tour. Yes, that really happened. I caught up with Evelyn as we chatted about her new series Say It Loud and the biggest lessons she’s learned in running a creative business.


Evelyn From The Internets, Media Influencer


Tell us about the new PBSDS series, Say It Loud. What inspired the project?

“Say It Loud is an exploration of Black identities and cultures! We incorporate sketch comedy and humor into topics from ancestry dna testing to the definition of Black Twitter so we can better understand and appreciate the many contributions we have made to culture as a whole! The project is part of PBSDS’s efforts to incorporate more humanities into their programming, which is generally STEM-based. We get to inject a lil culture into their lineup! The show was created by PBSDS Associate Director of Programming Ahsante Bean.”

 What do you love most about being an Internet Personality? What keeps you going?

“The ability to connect with people around the world! The comments section keeps me going – the people who watch my videos are hilarious and insightful and make my corner of the internet a great place to be.”

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far while running a creative personal brand?

“There are many paths to the same destination, and no two people’s journeys will be the same.”

 How did the idea Evelyn From The Internets get started?

“I’ve been making videos on YouTube since 2008, and before any of these social platforms ever existed I was creating videos! It’s just always been an interest of mine. I think people want me to have some intense and intentional origin story, but it’s like nope — I’ve always been into film/video and YouTube just happened to be invented!”

How To Set Goals (That You’ll Actually Reach) –Evelyn From The Internets

 What is your definition of success?

“Telling stories that make people laugh, think, and feel a little less alone. The rest is just a matter of scale.”

Which of your traits are you most proud of?

“I’m internally motivated, so tend to value my own opinion of myself more than the opinions of others. Gift and a curse!”

Who are some women whom you admire and look up to?

“Ericka Alexander, Missy Elliot, Janelle Monae, Debra Wilson, the list could go on and on. I admire women who are so uniquely them you can’t compare them to anyone else!”

What are the essential keys to creating great content for social media when it comes to branding?

“Whew! I don’t follow any of the rules, but here’s some advice I don’t take: be consistent! Yeah…”

 What advice do you have for someone with a passion for film and media?

“Following your passion does not have to mean making money from your passion. It is possible to live a fulfilled life without turning your art into profit – that doesn’t mean you haven’t fulfilled your “potential”. So make sure you move with intention!”

 In moment of adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

“Journal, talk to my friends or brother, and cook really good food from scratch!”

 Name 4 interesting facts about yourself.

– I love hot cheetos (i know).
– I was that yearbook/newspaper club girl in jr. high and high school.
– I’m a superfan of the tv show Psych and I called in sick to my internship in college to go meet James Roday and Dule Hill. It was so worth it cuz I won a prize and Dule Hill looked me in the face and named me Mrs. Sillypants Jackson.

– Organizing/cleaning is a huge stress reliever! I wanna Marie Kondo everything!


They say laughter is the best medicine! What are some random things or saying that make you laugh?

“Kids in general – they’re hilarious and unfiltered!”

About Evelyn From The Internets


Instagram: @evelynfromtheinternets

 Twitter: @eveeeeezy

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  1. Julie Krupp says:

    You find the most inspiring women. I always look forward to your blog.


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