Kiarra’s Best of 2018 Books, Movies & Film

Below is a mini list of my best reads and watches of 2018. The list is purely subjective, so please don’t take offense if something you read/watched and loved is not on here. Translation: argue with your mother, not me! LOL. Kidding. Kidding.

But seriously, I was completely immersed in books and movies in 2018. I watched hundreds of movies/shows and read 45+ books throughout the year. What you see below are the ones that stood out to me right away and, therefore, deserved to make my list!

(Not every book on the list came out in 2018, but that’s when I read it.)


My Best Reads of 2018:

Dear Martin by Nic Stone (Why, oh, why is this not a freakin’ movie?!)

Dear Martin

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones (A quiet, but no less powerful novel. Check out my review here.)

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (Ohhhhhh. I thought I knew crazy until I read this novel. INSANELY GOOD!)

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine (The very definition of a thriller, y’all.)

The Last Mrs. Parrish


The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney (The plot twists in this book had a bih hollering at the top of her lungs.)

My Best Watches of 2018 (Films):

Black Panther (Y’all already know how I feel about this masterpiece of a movie. But in the event that you don’t, see my review.)

Avengers: Infinity War (Hands-down, the best ensemble cast EVER.)

A Quiet Place (The fact that John Krasinski wrote, directed, AND starred in this movie just gives me life!)

A Quiet Place

Venom (Tom Hardy was THE perfect person to cast in the lead role! Perfection.)

Bird Box (Whewwwwww, chile. This movie completely blew me away. Sandra’s performance was raw and on PIZOINT!)

Bird Box


My Best Watches of 2018 (Streaming Services- Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime TV):

Roxanne, Roxanne (All-star cast and superb execution. Nia Long’s portrayal of a no-nonsense black mama was spot on!)

Roxanne, Roxanne

Altered Carbon (Joel Kinnaman, though! #WhiteChocolate #HeCanGetIt)

On My Block (That ending, y’all! *Goes to corner and cries*)

On My Block

Marvel’s Runaways (The fight scenes were EPIC! And did anybody else notice how FINE Nico’s daddy—played by James Yaegashi—is? Heeeeey, zaaaaaddy!)

Sneaky Pete (Lying and duplicity at it’s very finest! Definitely reminds me of the Ocean’s Eleven films.)

Sneaky Pete



Most Anticipated Movies of 2019:

Avengers: End Game (The ending of the first movie was a cruel and unusual form of torture for me. I needssss to know what happens next!)

Avengers: End Game

The Lion King (Hayyyyyy, Queen Bey and Donald Glover!)

Aladdin (Two words: Will. Smith. I repeat, Will. Smith.)


What were some of your favorite reads/watches of 2018? What movies or books are you most look forward to this year? Drop em’ in the comments!!



Kiarra Taylor, contributor

2017 Author headshot (1)

Kiarra Taylor is a proud Pittsburgher who currently resides in San Jose, California. She is a mother to a handsome son, as well as a beautiful daughter. A lifelong bookworm, Kiarra began writing in the fifth grade and hasn’t stopped since. Her published works include: A Series of Agains and The Quarter Change. When she isn’t transferring fictional worlds from the dredges of her mind onto her laptop, you can find her nose-deep in a book, or spending time with her children. Ever the social butterfly, Kiarra is very active on social media, so please feel free to catch up with her on FacebookTwitter, Instagramand Goodreads

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