Adara Butler: The Young Esther For This Generation

She reaches thousands of people with her powerful memes and her love for Jesus! Adara Butler, author of The Prodigal Princess, is not your typical Christian! The “Young Esther for this Generation” is a motivator for young Christians changing the game! I got a chance to catch up with Adara and we discussed her new book, upcoming conference, and other projects in 2017.


Adara Butler




You refer to yourself as the Esther of your Generation. How are you like Esther?

Adara:Biblically, Esther was a young woman who experienced grave loss and pain at a young age and was thrust into a world she knew nothing about. This would require the shedding of her old life to fully embrace her new one. This was God’s plan for her life and the lives of all those she would be connected to and have to be a voice for. She ultimately becomes a bold voice for the people; putting her life on the line for their sake and speak up for them where and when they couldn’t speak for themselves.

 I know God has called me to be an Esther to this Generation. Although by the grace of God I have trail- blazed and started this movement it will not end with me. God is raising up an army of Esthers; bold, young women for the kingdom who will be a voice and be vessels for His Kingdom. I am like Esther because God put me in a position of influence not to be seen but to serve. After having gone through a purging and purification of my old life before Christ, God allowed me to be placed in a position to impact the lives of other people where they need it most. Esther was the sole person who could have been a voice for the people because God allowed her to be prepared for it and because she was one of them; meaning she understood their plight and concerns their lives were just as important as hers even though she was in a position of leadership and authority. I know beyond any doubt my life is the same.”



You wrote A Prodigal Princess last year. What doors has this book opened in your life and what is the biggest lesson you have learned so far from it?


Adara: A Prodigal Princess’ has opened so many doors for me from the opportunity to preach the Gospel in England to running two youth revivals to my book having the chance to be in a public school library for recreational reading. So I am most grateful and humbled by this. It was nobody but God who could do it.”


Your platform has reached thousands of followers over social media. How do you deal with people who have different views about your beliefs?

 Adara:  “Well, I am very diplomatic with my social media accounts because I realize people from all different kinds of backgrounds, coming from all walks of life have access. I don’t condemn or discourage anyone who doesn’t believe what I believe but I have established a respect/harassment-free culture of my pages and I do maintain it. Differences in belief and opinion are welcomed but disrespect is never. So when people are overtly over the top we just simple usher them into #TheBlockMinistry and keep it moving because the show must and will go on.” (* chuckles*)



You are known for your quirky memes and your vibrant personality, and that’s why people can relate to you. Why do you feel most Christians are so uptight?

 Adara:I feel many Christians don’t know how to laugh and enjoy life because of a fear that they won’t be holy or sanctified or perceived to not take Christ seriously. Interestingly, even Jesus himself never instructed us to be like this. He said “I have come that you might have LIFE…” To me, that means He is pretty okay with me enjoying myself and laughing and being my quirky crazy self as long as it is to His glory and honor and doesn’t overstep the bounds of reverence for Him.”

 What is the biggest goal you have for yourself in 2017?

 Adara:  “I am looking to release another book this year; and just continue to travel the world sharing Jesus and sharing His love.”


 What is the most important thing people fail to tell a trying Christian?

 Adara:  I don’t think we do a good enough job in telling Believers( especially new Believers) that they are going to make mistakes it is inevitable but just like the Word of God says; where sin (mistakes) abound…..that much more Grace abounds.”

 Favorite bible verse? Why?

 Adara: Romans 8:28.

It’s like the soundtrack to my life. Everything—good, bad, ugly, and crazy has worked together for my good. All things…..not some things……not one or two things…..not here and there things….

….ALL things work together for the good of those who love The Lord and are called according to His purpose

Minister Adara Butler is the second child of four children born to Pastors Darren and Patricia Butler on December 4th 1990. Although she was born and raised in a devout Christian home, in the summer of 2013 she finally fully gave her heart to Christ after having strayed away like a prodigal daughter and has been living with purpose and in peace ever since. Adara once was a devout party girl and “turn up queen” until she had a head on and heart on collision with Jesus. She was a church girl going through the motions of church until she got free of self-esteem, identity issues, and heartbreak and truly found the Lord.
Currently, Adara is a covenant disciple and partner of The International Good News Fellowship Inc., located in Hicksville, New York under the pastorate of her wonderful and anointed parents. As of 2015, she serves as a youth minister and Sunday school teacher to the preteens of the congregation under the King’s Kids ministry. In July of 2014, Adara finally stopped running from God, and accepted the call to ministry and preached her trial sermon at her home church. Since then, Adara has begun fervently and diligently sharing her testimony of deliverance and growth but also God’s message of love and hope to this world. Her “meme ministry” “Young Esther For This Generation” testimonial pictures have drawn a combined social media following of over sixty thousand and is still actively growing. Through humor, open candid transparent posts, and videos Adara pours her heart and Godly love out daily. She shares her story and encourages others simply to let the message of hope and Christ’s redeeming love be spread. Adara seeks to tell the world you can be cool and still be a Christian and live for Jesus while doing so.
Adara was blessed to have completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Adolescent Education: (History 7-12th grade) at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury in December 2013 and graduated with a 3.5 GPA. Adara is currently enrolled in school pursuing her Master’s Degree in Adolescent Education.  She has been privileged to be employed for a National HVAC management firm based out of Long Island New York for the last three years and grown significantly within the company.
Adara just released her first book A Prodigal Princess in August 2016. She is blessed with a gift of writing and strives to use that writing to encourage others. Adara believes “the world has enough critics, but lacks encouragers” so she has taken a personal vow to be that of an encourager. Other gifts and talents include drama and theatrical expression, and dance. She is also currently learning sign language to be able to incorporate ASL (American Sign Language) into the Praise and Worship at her home church.
Adara’s ultimate goal in life is to lead a life that is pleasing to God and helps others in the process. She strives to be an example to other young women and men and a testimony of God’s saving grace and his power. Adara plans to travel as far as she can for as long as she can sharing her victory report and encouraging others in her generation; speaking about how it is perfectly normal to serve God as a young person and no matter what society says or depicts ‘God is still everything’. She has taken a vow to God to be a Young Esther for this generation and point as many lives back to Christ as she can. Her deepest desire is to live all or nothing for God and  follow the simple mandate outlined in scripture in Matthew 22:37-38 where it is plainly expressed that we are to  ”Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself”

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    Thank you. This is an honor. If I can be of any service to you please let me know. Love always,Adara


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