Protect Your Ish: People Don’t Care About Your Energy

You can still be a good person with a kind heart and still say no. What I need you to do is read that first sentence again, let it marinate, and start applying it. They say the best way to keep your peace is to take everything  away that causes stress. Let’s face that the idea of that is sometimes impossible, especially if we are connected to something toxic that we can’t get rid of. For the things you can remove, its still hard because some of us are still trying to be the people who puts others over ourselves-even with our feelings. I have done it numerous times and let me just say—it is EXHAUSTING.  You can be running on fumes and people do not care as long as they are happy or its not affecting them. Its crazy how the people you exhaust for expect you as being a source of happiness in their life, but they tend to forget you also need the same treatment even though you don’t expect it back from them. As the new year is sinking in and new feelings are involving, I find myself more sensitive about my peace and my energy.  I am more protective in how I spend my time-with people also. The hard truth is people don’t give a damn about your energy, and that’s why you need protect it by any means necessary.


“I attract damaged individuals because I have a healing spirit…but after putting all my healing into them, who helps me?”


Just because you have a healing spirit doesn’t mean a damaged person has the right to take all your energy anyway. We tend to think its okay to treat a person a certain way based off their strength of surviving. The toughest people get their hearts broken repeatedly and they are silent about it. Protect your energy. Love isn’t always worth it. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it confuses a lot of things, programming you to think you have to put up with certain things. What you allow to continue will continue. It’s that simple. As we go on with our busy lives, every living second we breathe should be on things that give us a sense of purpose, not on things that leave us weak and negative. Protect your tongue and be aware of what you put out there in the universe. Some of us are in bad situations not because of somebody else, but because we let their tongue get out of control when we are feeling different emotions-forgetting that emotions are a temporary feeling and our actions still will play out, even we are over what we were feeling in that single moment.


Hold your brakes. Eliminating negative energy from other people and sources doesn’t mean every day will be a good one. You are battling issues of your own and some days you will beat yourself up. You will feel hopeless and inadequate. You will feel uninspired and question your purpose on this earth. Those days will be the worst, but you will eventually pick yourself up and remember the only limit is you. If no one else is messing with your energy in a negative way, then the negative vibes will have nothing to attract and will go away. Less distractions, less things to eliminate. 



“But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy. “—  Warsan Shire


Your warmth will attract people who will love you wholeheartedly…but unfortunately it will bring people who will use you and love you half-heartedly as well. You are accountable for who gets to stay and who is let go in your life. Your peace is in your control. Manage it wisely.


We get tired with ourselves. Self-love isn’t so flattering all the time and it can take a toll on us if we are not truly happy within. For the days you don’t even have energy for your damn self, remember this gentle reminder from me: It is okay to feel things. Just don’t stay there. ❤


Until next time…

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  1. Shaeisha says:

    This was so wonderfully put. This was a relief to read and meditate on. I truly needed to hear this and I will continue to apply it. Thank you so much.


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