My 29th Birthday: 29 Fun Facts About Zip!


Oprah “Zip” Bradford, Blogger, Author, and Founder of #ZipPost

  1. My favorite movies are Crooklyn and the 1959 version of Imitation of Life.
  2. My favorite show of all  time is Sex and the City. I am the black Carrie Bradshaw in my head.
  3. My favorite woman from the Bible is Esther. I strive to be like her.
  4. My favorite color is yellow, but I love black clothing. I can wear it all year round.
  5. What I want to eat for the day is always on my mind. I LOVE food. My favorite food is POTATOES. Idc how they are cooked, I love them all!
  6. I have only been in love once.
  7. My feelings always show through my facial expressions. It’s impossible for me to lie about something.
  8. I am left-handed.
  9. I hate driving. My nerves are too bad.
  10. I love to travel.
  11. I’m not really a fan of television. I rather read a good book instead.
  12. I wrote my first book No Caution in college. It was poorly written, but I love what it taught me.
  13. My mom is literally my best friend.
  14. I currently don’t own a pair of tennis shoes. I didn’t even wear them in high school or college. I prefer sandals or boots.
  15. When I was little, I got teased a lot in school for my name not being “normal” and because I was always reading a book in class. I’m not surprised I became a writer.
  16. My celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan! Not the basketball player, the actor.
  17. My favorite candy is the Symphony chocolate bar and white chocolate Kit-Kats.
  18. I never owned a pet.
  19. My hidden talent is I can sing. I’m not Beyonce, but I can hold a tune!
  20. I’m not too fond of watching sports on tv, but I love going to live games! It’s something about the atmosphere of being there that gives me a rush.
  21. I got my first car when I turned 19. It was a red Ford Escort. I cried when I got in a wreck and totaled it.
  22. If I wasn’t a writer, my dream occupation would be a psychiatrist.
  23. I can’t swim!
  24. The only sport I ever played was track and field. In my younger and faster days,  I ran the 100m and 200m.
  25. I was born and raised in Louisiana. I lived in Columbus,OH for two years in my earlier twenties and moved back to Louisiana.
  26. Fall is my favorite season. I love the theme, weather, holidays, clothing…and PUMPKIN SPICE everything!
  27. I started blogging a year ago when I randomly wrote my first piece about single women waiting on marriage. It got 1,000 hits. That’s when I became really motivated and said, “I can do this.” I never stopped blogging after that.
  28. All of the women featured on are an inspiration to me. (Read their stories in the archives). Other women entrepreneurs who empower me are Myleik Teele, Adara Butler, and XoNecole.
  29. My goal is to empower and embrace women through As the Zip brand expands, I want to raise a higher platform for women to grow.

Thank you lovies for reading! Happy Birthday to me!

Until next time,



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