Cashmere, Closets, and Annelies Martinez

I remember when I first came across Annelies Martinez a few years ago when a photo of her was circling around the internet. At the time, I was on the hunt for a cover model for my first novel No Caution. I found Annelies and the rest is history! The beautiful fashion designer and founder of Cashmere Blvd, Annelies Martinez gives wardrobe tips and skin regimen must haves!


Annelies Martinez


My name is Annelies Martinez. I’m the Owner and Co-Creater of Cashmere Boulevard. I am an FIT Alum ’15 and started blogging the year before graduating. I grew up with my mom whom is a seamstress and a father who was a business owner. Since modeling wasnt cut out for me (super short) I decided to take my knowledge in fashion and business and create a line to honor my mothers hard work over the years along with making her dreams come true.

You went to fashion school and you now have a fashion branding business. What advice can you give for aspiring designers? 

Annelies: “NETWORK!!!! I think this is where I truly struggled (still do) the most. Someone may know someone on a 3rd degree which can honestly change your life. I’m known to be more of an introvert which makes it harder for me to meet new people and be very social in person but I definitely  use Social media to its largest power. I believe being nice helps so much as well because people remember when your nice and humble. And don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t live with the regret of never reaching out to someone besides whats the worst that can happen? They will say no. Keep your head up and on to the next. You never know the opportunities you may miss by not reaching out.”

What are your 2017 expectations for Cashmere Blvd? How do you plan to prosper?

Annelies: “I set myself a very high goal for Cashmere Blvd this year (still stressing over it). I want to take it to the next level and provide boutiques with a selection for their stores along with creating special pieces for Cashmere Blvd. I did take a break in the mist of switching jobs and having to take on more home responsibilities but had this mindset of “its just a minor bump in the road with greener grass along the other side”. I’m pushing myself hard enough this year and already starting pulling ideas and colors for Fall 2017 and cutting for spring styles. I promised myself if I don’t double or triple Cashmere Boulevard this year, I’ll go for my masters in Fall 2018 and learn more of what I can do for my business to better improve.”

Fashion is big in our generation era. What contemporary pieces will you need this year in your personal wardrobe?

Annelies: “Staple pieces are everything to me. The basic blazer, white/black tee, skinny jeans, leather jeans, black/white/neutral pumps, Over the knee boots and just adding flavor to it. I spice things up with different lip colors, jewelry and prints or designs. I’ll wear black pants with over the knee boots and add a long batlike top with a chunky chain. Staple items are those items you can see yourself wearing almost every day, comfortable and fits with basically anything in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of buying an item you love in multiple colors (or same colors b/c you just never know).”

What are some beauty musts for you? what is your skin regimen?

Annelies: Sadly this is something I’m still trying to figure out! I started getting acne after I turned 22 so I have been almost monthly changing the products I use.  I do love the First Aid Beauty intense cream for my face during the winter  months due to my sensitive skin and rosea outbreaks. My top all around favs are usually essential oils. Rose hip oil to moisturize, vitamin E for scars, and tea tree oil for acne. I use Apple cider vinegar (diluted) as a toner at night which smells strong at first but then smell does disappear. For makeup, these are my go tos:
Mascara :  Diorshow for long lashes and no flakiness
Lips: E.L.F in Praline for the perfect nude
Brows: Stila Stay All Day brow gel
Foundation : alternate between Giorgo Armani Maestro, E.L.F Matte Foundation w/ salicylic acid and Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +

 What are your favorite places to shop?

Annelies: Zara is always my top favorite. Uniglo for socks (they are the best!).Thift stores and sample sales are awesome because there is such a variety of clothing and styles no matter the brands. American Apparel for basics tops. I tend to use Polyvore if I am searcching for a specific style and they show me all brands and prices.

Who would you love to collaborate with this year?

Annelies: “I would love to collaborate with other bloggers like @Brookecarriehil, @Monicastylemuse, @heygorjess or @mimosasmanhattan. I will definitly be getting in contact with them and send them a piece or two once I settle out the full line.”

Intagram : shopcashmereblvd
Maria Martinez, LLC
Twitter/Snapchat/Tumblr: @cashmereblvd 

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