Apply Major Pressure in 2022

Hey, yall!

I know, I know…its been a long time since I posted a blog! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2021 even though it was probably a rollercoaster for all of us! With Cov-id and everything else going on in the world, the mission is to keep going and keep a positive mindset. Per usual, I made lemonade out of the lemons served to me last year, good and bad! As for me, 2021 was really a year for a mental break from my brand and business. I took the year to focus more on my personal relationships, gaining more strength in my friendships, and being there more for my family. The main thing 2021 taught me was we really have to learn how to REST and choose our battles wisely. We can only carry so much and our mental health is very important! None of us are perfect and we all have to take ONE DAY AT A TIME. In other news, I expressed more about how my 2021 year went in my latest podcast “The Zip Code”. Check it out here!

2022 is the year to apply major pressure and step on necks. Crush your goals. Manifest everything in your heart and all the things you have been procrastinating on. I don’t about yall, but I am tired of carrying all of these goals in me and half-stepping on them. This year is a year for EXECUTION on everything you wanna do. Also remember to avoid lanes you don’t belong in. There is power in staying in YOUR lane. It’s fine to be inspired by others, but don’t forget to do YOU and apply pressure in a mighty way. Speaking of pressure lol, my current jam on repeat lately has been Pressure x Ari Lennox. Even though I’ve been a huge fan of Ari, she ate that song up! Even though its an oldie, Evergreen x Yebba has been in heavy rotation also! Music is a form of therapy for me and I pretty much listen to all genres if it speaks to my soul. What is your favorite song(s) right now that sets your mood so far in 2022? Tell me about it in the comment section!

So I’m FINALLY releasing my anticipated book, “The Single Woman’s Plug” this year. I remember when I started writing this book a few years ago and I was so pressed to release it immediately. Timing is everything, and it wasn’t time in God’s eyes. I was in a race within myself thinking I had to have it all figured out. One thing this particular book taught me is that you can’t evolve without practicing patience and strength in your life. Those two traits have to mix if you’re ever going to be successful in anything you decide to do. Another gem to remember is discipline is required also. Discipline is a lifestyle, not a schedule.

APPLY PRESSURE. You live, you learn. You grow…then you know.

Where are my thrift people at?! This year, I really want to dive more in posting my thrift hauls and sharing my finds with yall! Don’t get me wrong, I like the finer things in life, but I’m also a gal who loves a good bargain also! When it comes to clothes and style, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on it. It’s how you style it! In 2022, let your personality come out not only on a spiritual level, but also in your fashion! One goal of mine this year is to dress up more and let my confidence glow! And I’m encouraging you to do the same!

Here is one look I did last year with my thrift finds.

Purse: Kate Spade, -Pants: Goodwill, -Blazer & Shirt: Habitat for Humanity

To start off my 2022 thrift haul, I rocked a blue & white striped button down shirt that is actually a men’s shirt, but I loved it and purchased it for myself. I found the shirt at Habitat for Humanity and it caught my eye when I seen it! I wore it with a black tutu skirt I’ve been having for years followed with a signature monogram purse I received as a Christmas gift from one of my dear friends. The belt also came from Habitat. I’m telling yall, don’t sleep on thrift finds! You might have to do some digging, but there is always gems waiting to be found. Check out the look below!

Lemme say I will be rocking this purse ALL year! Excuse the glare from my ring light LOL.

Before I go, I just want to give a big thanks to my readers and everyone who shares, comments, and takes out the time to show support to my blog! I’m wishing success and blessings on everyone who is reading this that 2022 brings everything you’ve been praying for!!

Until next time,


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  1. Shannon Brown says:

    I enjoyed reading this and it spoke volumes. I am also a ” Thrift Store” shopper. I shop every and believe in spending my coins wisely. Same here when it comes to music. 2021 was good, bad and mixed with a lot of emotions. So with 2022, it is getting back on my saddle and staying ” Focus” on exactly what I need to be doing. I love your quotes. Although it has been a while, I am glad that you are back and started this New Year with a Bang, as we know timing is everything. Peace and Blessings!


    1. Thanks for reading cousin! I’m glad I’m back on the writing bandwagon too! Thank you for your lifetime support, I don’t take it for granted!


  2. Rebekah says:

    This was a great and encouraging read for the the New Year. My favorite songs that get me out of bed for 2022 are: Spirit by Beyoncé, Shine Bright by Chloe X Halle, and Young Forever performed by Beyoncé and Jay Z


    1. Bek! Thanks for the song recs, I’ll definitely add them to my 2022 playlist! Tomorrow’s blog is about my January book reads and I also featured the book club, so stay tuned and make sure you share!


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