The Natural Guide: Here’s How to Figure Out Your Curl Type

Have you struggled with hairstyles because you don’t quite know your curl type and pattern? Well, here is simple guide to define your curl type ranging curls from 3A-4C! Each curl type below has a visual representation of curl types and styling.


3a giving us life!

3A curls have a signature S-shaped pattern. The curls are a bit looser or pulled out when in shape.

Styling: Your goal is defined curls. Use a light hair mousse through wet hair creating a scrunch to create the natural S shape.


Tracie Ellis Ross rocking her lovely 3B curls!

3B curl type is somewhat coarser and tighter than 3A. The curls usually hold the circumference of a Sharpie marker.

Styling: To avoid dryness, comb a curl milk through wet hair with a de-tangling brush and use an oil to lock moisture.


Oh, Joy! Look at those coils!

3C curl type are tighter than 3B curls, and are about the size of a pencil or straw.

Styling: Use a rich curl cream and apply it to wet hair. Breakage is usually common in 3C hair, so use oil for hair moisture and hydration.


Yara Shahidi with her lovely 4A Mane!

4A type are tiny light curls that usually have a defined S pattern.

Styling: To get a light corkscrew look, take a quarter size drop of styling gel through wet hair. Finger coil or twist each section.


Oh la, la, 4B! The thicker, the better!

4B curls bend in a sharp Z shape. 4B curl type deals with a lot of shrinkage, so don’t forget the leave-in conditioner for a looser curl.

Styling: You want to make sure the curls are stretched and defined. Use a leave-in conditioner, then smooth it over with a light gel.


They saved the best for last, right?

4C curls are not represented by one single texture. They usually have a zig-zag pattern that are tighter than 4B curls.

Styling: 4C curls are prone to intense shrinkage, so fight it by using a leave-in conditioner, grapeseed oil, and finish with a curl cream for two-strand twists.


Embrace Your Curls!!

And remember there is no such thing as GOOD hair defining it by your curl type and pattern. Healthy hair is GOOD hair!




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