Black Girl Saturday: My Personal Affirmations

Hey my loves,

Lately, I been in a slump so I decided to make a personal affirmation list about me. I wanted to share a letter to myself about what it means to me to a  black girl, woman, goal-getter, greatness etc…yall get the point! I’ve created a list and I’m pretty sure every black woman (or any woman for that matter) can relate to things on my list.


The Black Girl In Me sees herself as a millennial, an era she was born in and loves. (but sometimes she wishes she could have been a teenager in the 90’s.)

  • She sees herself writing books, feeling the words way more than she should, and sharing with other eyes of the world.
  • She sees herself scared at the directions God is taking her because she still has times where she wants to lean on her understanding rather than his. Whew.
  • She sees her family as a blessing, but also the tough love that she needs. It’s a love that she cherishes.
  • She sees her future can be bright and full of blessings if only she believes.
  • She sees herself opening up a non-profit organization that’s been tugging her heart lately, but she has no idea what the organization will be.
  • She sees friends as blessings.
  • She sees love as willing and giving because that is what God is to her.
  • She sees forgiving as a gift to herself rather than pride winning.
  • She sees BLACK as gold and royalty.
  • She sees her natural hair as a symbol of love in a pineapple crown, a crown she will always have, hair or not.
  • She sees herself working harder because society has taught her she will have to work harder because she is black. Just stating facts.
  • She knows God is love.
  • She knows about art, trap music, museums, traveling, fine dining, and hood parties. She is the all around girl.
  • She knows life will throw lemons from time to time. That’s when she makes lemonade.
  • She appreciates the small things in life always remembering that life is short and precious.
  • She knows she will not be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine.
  • She believes that speaking things in existence and making them happens all starts with her.
  • She loves. She lives. She hurts. She always keep an ounce of joy. She smiles. She learns. She progresses. She masters it.
  • She is proud of her blackness, and what it represents. She wouldn’t change it. It’s too lit.
  • She knows the only limit is her.
  • She knows dreams only work when she puts the work behind it.
  • She knows she was born to create magic and leave inspiration behind.


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