15 Inexpensive Ways to Pamper Yourself this Autumn

1.) Have a Spa Day!


Take a personal day and turn your home into a day spa! Give yourself a home mani and pedi. If you’re feeling extra classy, do a home hair treatment and give your mane some Fall TLC!

2.) Set up your fall closet.


In a few weeks, it will be time to put the tank tops away and bring out the sweaters! Take a day to clean out your closet, pack seasonal clothes, and make space for your Fall wardrobe!

3.) Stay preparing for holidays now to avoid the stress.

Holidays are fastly approaching which means its a great time to catch sales and deals for gifts for family and friends.! Also, remember you can start budgeting your finances now so you won’t overspend during the holidays!

4.) Try a Staycation.

Spend a day in your town and do a local getaway. Book an AirNb for the weekend, and just live your life!

5.) Take a long relaxing bath.


A major mood which brings so much relaxation! Light some candles, grab a book and some wine if that floats your boat!

6.) Spend some time on a new book, podcast, or a new project.


My current read is A Roadmap to the Soul by HollyKem & F.Dean Sunseri . It’s a huge eye opener on finding the roadmap that empowers your soul through love, compassion, and inner peace I also use The Law of Attraction App for daily devotionals/affirmation. Find a new way to learn something new!

7.) Write a Gratitude List. Reflect and prepare for 2020 goals.

2019 went by so fast, and we’re already preparing to face 2020 by crushing our goals! I have a list called The 50/50 Journal where I check the list once a month to keep track of the small goals I’ve completed. This month, I will take another look at the list and strive to complete the rest before the end of this year. Be thankful for life and every day you spend on it. Get serious about your vision. 

8.) Make a Fall Holiday Treat.

FalOne of the things I love most about Fall is the FOOD! Here’s to a yummy Fall season! Here is a simple Delish recipe on how to make Bloomin Apples.



9.) Spend time with Family&Friends. 

It’s Football season! The holidays are around the corner which  means both are always a swell time to celebrate and bond with family and friends!

10.) Bake from scratch.

This is truly the season for bakers. Get dirty in the kitchen by baking your homemade apple pie that everyone loves!


11.) Self-care: Meditation & Aromatherapy


You will not have trouble finding your perfect candle scent in the best season of the year! Search for scents Spend at least 15 minutes a day to yourself and meditate. Journaling is also a nice stress reliever.

12.) Listen to Music


Music awakens our senses and brings tranquility. Create a Fall playlist you can jam to!

13.) Buy Fresh Flowers


Keep your home and space beautiful by keeping fresh fall flowers on display! Pansies are no doubt the best container flowers. They’re super easy to grow, and in moderate climates, they bloom year round. From spring to fall and even in winters (in warm climates) you can grow pansies

14.) De-clutter Your Space and Re-Organize.

Store seasonal items and unpack household items that are needed!

15.) Take a Nature Walk


Another beautiful thing about Fall is the weather. Take advantage of it and go on as many walks as possible!


Until next time, 


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